What Is A Smile Makeover?

What Is A Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover can incorporate so many different aspects of dentistry. Getting that perfect smile may mean we have to straighten or whiten teeth first. There could be a missing tooth that is bothering you? Or it could be something so small that requires minor enhancements.

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FAQ’S Smile Makeover

Whatever the problem, we have a solution for you!

Our principle dentist and co-founder Dr Dev Boparoy has been providing cosmetic dental solutions to patients from all over Melbourne from his first practice in Essendon. The Smile Designer Dental Studio is an extension of his services, partnering up with his fiancée Jas Sidhu, to create a team around them that provide clients with cosmetic solutions and treatments in a modern environment.

What are the possibilities when it comes to cosmetic treatment?

The first step to creating a personalised smile, is to sit down and work out what the issues are. Cosmetic Treatment is an individualised journey. Everyone is different, with different goals. Our aim is to guide you through the available options to reach those goals.

Have a missing tooth?

-we have options, whether you are missing just one, multiple or all of your teeth. These options include replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, implant dentures, bridges or just standard removable dentures.

Want Whiter teeth?

-take advantage of our in house whitening ZOOM system and SDI Pola office take home whitening kits.

Don’t like the shape of your existing teeth?

Speak to us about how Porcelain Veneers can enhance your smile, change the shape of your teeth, or cover discoloured and heavily filled teeth. Or if you require just a minor cosmetic enhancement, then composite edge bonding can be discussed.

Too much gum showing when you smile?

Gummy Smile options and treatments are available and we will sit down and walk you through your options.

What are the costs involved in these treatments?

Dentistry is highly personalised, with so many variables, options, and costs. Our team are here to sit and guide you through the maze of options.

Do I need to get my teeth checked and cleaned before starting cosmetic treatment?

Yes, after your FREE cosmetic consultation Melbourne, the first step in your dental journey with us at The Smile Designer Dental Studio in Melbourne is to come in for your Comprehensive Examination and Hygiene visit. Take advantage of our current offer and book now.

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