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The Smile Designer is a trusted and reputed dental clinic in Bundoora, offering high-quality dental services at an affordable price range. With a team of professionals dedicated to providing complete dental care solutions for all your dental worries, we are a renowned name in your area.

Our experience and expertise make us understand your expectation and enable us to professionally handle all your simple as well as complicated dental issues.


    Our Service Range

    We offer a wide range of service to become a one-stop solution for all your dental worries.

    We value your smile and may use cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontics to offer you smile makeover services which will help in achieving outstanding results.

    Paediatric Dentist Bundoora

    We understand that dentist visits may be a stressful event for your child. The fear of pain may make your little one feel nervous or anxious to seek treatment from a dentist.

    At The Smile Designer, our experienced paediatric dentists focus on developing a great bond with your children. It allows them to develop a positive perception of a dental clinic visit and dental treatment.

    As an expert, we can understand how important it is for your little one to receive good dental care and treatment at an early age. Hence, we make efforts to provide quality treatment to your children while taking care of their physical and emotional needs.

    When you leave your child’s dental health in our capable and experienced hands, you don’t have to worry about anything. With the right credentials and expertise, we boast of being in the best position to give your children the desired smile and the oral health they deserve.

    Your All-in-one Bundoora Family Dental Care


    At The Smile Designer, our professional paediatric dentist in Bundoora take pride in themselves for offering effective dental treatments to help you and your family achieve perfect oral health. Whether you require braces, root canal, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, cosmetic veneers, wisdom teeth removal, dental veneers or dental implants in Bundoora, we ensure to fulfil all your dental needs.


    Our extensive range of dental services is designed to care for and protect your teeth. With us, all your concerns regarding finding the best family dentist, emergency dentist, orthodontics, and even cosmetic dentist in Bundoora will come to an end. Our dentists always ensure they are upfront about the treatments involved and their costs.

    Smile Makeover

    A smile plays a vital role in complementing our personality. Various developments in the most advanced cosmetic dentistry have revolutionised the way we design and transform your smile to complement the aesthetic beauty of your face.

    Our main objective is to offer you a healthy, glittering smile that not only enhances the beauty of your personality but also improves the functionality of your teeth. We may combine some of the following treatments to make you achieve the outstanding result that exceeds your expectations.

    • Dental Bonding
    • Porcelain Veneers
    • Invisalign
    • Dental implants
    Teeth Whitening
    • Gummy Smile Treatments
    • Much More


    Our outstanding orthodontics means much more than just straight teeth. We use a wide range of appliances that impact the growth of your jaws by moving your teeth slowly and retraining your gum muscles. Our fixed and removable devices will apply gentle pressure on your teeth and jaw muscles to solve the issue.

    We design a personalised treatment option specifically for you and provide kids orthodontics to solve the dental worries of your growing kids. We use a range of services to make you achieve your self-confidence and wellbeing:

    • Invisalign
    • Conventional Braces
    • Clear Braces
    • Much more

    Affordable Payment Options

    As an affordable dentist with standard treatment options, we take care to remove your financial barriers when wanting high-quality treatment. We assist you with flexible payment plans, and we have partnered with leading health insurance companies so that we can accept almost all types of private health insurance.

    Our affordable payment plans will give you peace of mind, and you will be surprised to see that choosing our service is not as expensive and scary as you initially thought.

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    Emergency Dentist Bundoora

    At The Smile Designer, we offer emergency dental services in Bundoora to help our patients get immediate dental care. You can get our prioritised treatment services for the following:

    Oral infection with or without abscess and pain
    Dental decay or cavity with pain
    Loss of permanent tooth
    Accidents that hurt your teeth, gums, and jaws
    Bleeding from the mouth

    If you are using dental braces or any other devices and they are broken or loosened, you can contact us for quick restoration. We are emergency dentist Bundoora beyond regular operational hours and on weekends.

    Call Us To Book Your Consultation

    Our team includes general dentists, cosmetic dentists, dentists with orthodontic experience, practice managers, care professionals, and support staff. We also have a large network of  orthodontists that we work with. We aim at providing you with a superior quality in-office dental experience to you and your family. We can deal with all types of simple and complex dental issues and can find out customs solutions based on your needs to offer you a beautiful, healthy smile.

    If you are considering the best paediatric dentist Bundoora in or around your place, contact us today on (03) 9034 5949 or to find out more about our services and treatment procedures.


    This piece of content is not a substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Ensure to seek advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner or local dentist before deciding on any type of surgical or invasive procedure.


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