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We are the trusted restorative, cosmetic, and family dentists near Ivanhoe with holistic dental services.

Through our dental treatment services, we help our patients attain an improved smile while ensuring optimal oral health. With the use of modern technology and a team of expert general and smile dentists, we guarantee superior quality family dental care solutions in Ivanhoe.


    Our Range Of Dental Care Solutions

    Regardless of your age and how complex your dental issues are, we welcome you to walk into our Ivanhoe dental clinic for comprehensive solutions.

    Regardless of your age and how complex your dental issues are, we welcome you to walk into our Ivanhoe dental clinic for comprehensive solutions.

    Why Choose Us As Ivanhoe Dentist?

    At The Smile Designer, we combine our years of service and professionalism with the latest trends of dentistry to provide a seamless, complete experience to our patients. We have strived for excellence since we opened the clinic, and you will find we’re the right destination for your family dental worries as we possess the following characteristics:

    Experienced, Professional Team

    All our general dentists, cosmetic dentists, dentists with orthodontic experience, practice managers, care professionals, and support staff are highly experienced in providing superior quality treatment to our patients. Our east Ivanhoe dentist experts can deal with dental issues of any complexity and provide tailored solutions based on your needs.

    State-Of-The-Art Technology And Dental Procedures

    At The Smile Designer, we have the latest technology in dentistry. From diagnosis to treatment delivery, our technology helps us to provide accurate, quick, and hassle-free services to our patients. With digital X-rays, 3D imaging, intra-oral cameras, soft tissue laser therapy devices, CT cone beam X-ray scanners, and more, you will find our dental treatment services are simple yet advanced.

    You can book an appointment with us anytime using our online booking form and drive to our clinic to make things more simplified.

    Healing Environment

    We have created a healing environment at our clinic to help our patients have a stress-free treatment experience. With natural theme settings, comfortable and clean rooms, refreshing art and wall décor, and a reception area with a family room style, you will have a relaxed, calming experience at our clinic.

    Our aim is to make children feel comfortable and warmly welcomed into our dental clinic.

    Emergency Dentist Ivanhoe

    There are situations where you may want immediate dental care to relieve pain, stop your oral health getting worse, address severe dental infections or manage any other dental trauma. As a leading group of dentists near east Ivanhoe, we are emergency dentist Ivanhoe, and  happy to serve our patients on their immediate dental needs.

    During normal working hours, we will prioritise you and provide you with quick dental care services. You can also contact us for after-hour emergency dental care and drive to our clinic to get immediate treatment services.

    How Much Does A Dentist in Ivanhoe Usually Cost?

    The common visit to a dentist in Ivanhoe, VIC, 3079 where you need a routine check-up, cleaning, and an X-ray can cost you approximately $290. However, this cost can change depending on your location and type of dental treatment.

    At The Smile Designer, you will get an opportunity to get the best dental solutions from a skilled family dentist, emergency dentist, orthodontics, and even cosmetic dentist in Ivanhoe.

    Whether you need dental treatments like a root canal, porcelain crowns, braces, teeth whitening, cosmetic veneers, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal or dental veneers in Ivanhoe, our team of Ivanhoe dentist will ensure to provide the best as per your teeth condition. Our wide range of dental treatments in Ivanhoe is custom-tailored to keep your teeth in the best condition.

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    Affordable Dental Care Ivanhoe

    While offering high-quality dental care solutions to our patients, we are also committed to making our services affordable. We provide an initial quote for our treatments when you contact us with your concerns. You will also get detailed prices after the dental consultation to ensure a fully transparent services experience.

    We are the preferred provider of the leading health service networks. We have also collaborated with some of the leading healthcare finance providers of the industry and offer interest-free, monthly payment plans for our treatment services. This means that you can get all our services more conveniently priced for you. You can contact us to learn more about the payment plan options.

    Braces In Ivanhoe

    At The Smile Designer, we offer our patients either traditional metal or clear braces in Ivanhoe. While stainless steel braces are the customary, guaranteed option for straightening teeth, the latest technology in dental care has made wearing braces a more discrete process.

    Clear braces are made of ceramic, meaning they aren’t as noticeable as metal braces yet provide the same results. Get the straight set of teeth you’ve always wanted with high-quality braces. Talk to our dentists at The Smile Designer today for more information on the differences between metal braces and clear ceramic braces.


    Orthodontics In Ivanhoe

    At The Smile Designer, we love creating beautiful smiles. Therefore, we offer orthodontics that delivers the desired results. Whether you’re looking at getting braces or Invisalign, we can transform the structure of your teeth so that you’re constantly smiling from ear to ear. Crooked or misaligned teeth can lead to various other problems such as jaw and bite issues.

    To prevent this from happening, it’s important to utilise the right orthodontic treatment to restore your teeth’s look and functionality. For more information on orthodontics in Ivanhoe or our treatments, contact our team today.

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    Friendly, Caring Experience

    At The Smile Designer, we are committed to delivering a friendly, caring experience to all our patients. From the moment you contact us with your dental worries, you will experience our warm, patient-centric approach.

    Our dentists will listen to your issues, understand your expectations, and guide you to get the right treatment services. We will create a custom treatment plan for you, update you with the details of it, and ensure that you are happy with the expected outcome before beginning the treatment. Everyone at The Smile Designer will ensure you to get a friendly, caring experience.

    Painless Dental Treatments

    While offering complex dental procedures, we also make sure the experience is completely painless for our patients. No matter the complexity of the procedure, you can choose our sleep dentistry options to make the treatments stress-free.

    With various painless treatment options, we assist those patients who have dental fears by providing timely treatments and helping them achieve optimal oral health.

    Book Your Appointment Today

    Call us today on (03) 9034 5949 or use our contact form to book an appointment. Let’s achieve optimal oral health and your best smile with comprehensive treatment services.


    Invasive procedures may not give the intended results due to complexities associated with them. We request that you check with an independent health practitioner before choosing surgical or invasive procedures.


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