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Our team at The Smile Designer Dental Studio believe that everyone deserves teeth that are both functional yet beautiful. We are dedicated to transforming the smiles of our patients around Melbourne. Our patients are guided through the denture selection process, from the materials, colour and size to craft and design their own individual smile.

We have created our dental studios in a warm and relaxing environment. A place where our experienced team of dentists can ease your nerves and guide you through all your options and costs. Our goal is show you all your options, so that you are well informed to make the best decision for yourself.


Dentures are removable prosthesis that replaces missing teeth. They are a cost effective option and are customised for each individual. They can either be Full or Partial Dentures, depending on how many missing teeth there are.


Our team will sit with you and discuss all your affordable dentures costs and options in Melbourne. We offer Removable dentures, removable implant supported dentures, but also offer fixed solutions such as All-on-four or more and implant fixed bridges.


An Immediate Denture is fitted immediately after the removal of your teeth, so you can walk out of our practice with your new smile. However, there will be a healing period, where the gums and bone will feel tender and sore as they heal from the removal of your teeth. Over time, the denture will start getting loose and uncomfortable. The denture will either need to be relined or a new denture has to be made altogether.

Dentures cost Melbourne

DENTURES COST $800 up to $2200


Cost of dentures can range from $800 up to $2200 depending on the type of denture required, the number of missing teeth and the difficulty of the case. Each individual is different, and our team are here to help guide your through all your options and costs. If you are after Implant Denture solutions, then visit our Dental Implant Page for more information and costs.


Yes. Our team will go through all the options, cost dentures and immediate dentures process in designing your new smile. Payment Plan options for dentures will discussed as well.


These are dentures that replace all your missing teeth. They use your existing gum and tissues in the mouth to hold them in place. Sometimes, there is not enough good bone, soft tissue, or suction to hold the denture in place, and instead dental implants are required to help hold these dentures in place.

These are dentures that use the surrounding teeth to hold them in place. The partial denture is only as good as the neighbouring teeth surrounding them, so it is important to keep your existing teeth in good health.

Dentures are made of the base plate, which is normally acrylic. This is the pink part of the denture. The teeth can either be made in porcelain or acrylic. Cobalt Chrome metal dentures can be made, especially if there are existing teeth present, as these are stronger and not as bulky. There are many variations of tooth colours and shapes that our dental technician can choose from, and these will be discussed with you.

Yes. Over time, the bones and soft tissue in our mouth changes shape. The existing denture will not fit as well as it did. A procedure called a reline is performed to refit the dentures to the new shape of your bones and gum. Sometimes, a whole new denture may be a better option. Alternatives like dental implants which can be fixed could be a viable option.

Yes. Flexible dentures, such as Valplast, are more suited to those missing a small amount of teeth. They are also preferred from an aesthetic perspective, when retainers and clasps are visible.

Dentures should be cleaned daily. Plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth just like they do on natural teeth. Special denture cleaners and solutions can be purchased from your local pharmacy or supermarket. Dentures should also be left out of your mouth overnight to allow your oral tissues to breathe.

There are many different options to help you achieve a better fitting denture. All-on-4 solutions can be disused, as well as other fixed and removable implant supported denture options. Please visit our Dental Implant page for more information.

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