Children’s Orthodontics Melbourne

Kids Orthodontics Melbourne

If you have growing kids in Melbourne and are worried about their smile, or you are considering braces for them, then there are a few things you should know.

Full Orthodontic Braces are typically performed once all adult teeth have erupted. However, early intervention in some young kids can help alleviate future complications. Utilising their growing years can help minimise the amount of treatment required once they undergo full braces.

It is best to seek an opinion from our kids orthodontic team at The Smile Designer Dental Studio as early as possible, so that we can guide you through their options. Our practice is based in Melbourne on the border of Thornbury and South Preston.

Sometimes, the answer is to simply wait until they are older before intervening!

Join us for an Orthodontic Consultation at The Smile Designer Dental Studio.

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Functional Appliance Commonly Used

Some growing kids require early intervention orthodontics during their growing years to treat Severe Class II or Pseudo Class III cases. These are kids that have an increased or reversed overjet, bucked teeth, and a small lower jaw. Utilising growth modification techniques on certain cases, we can help reduce or alleviate the need for future dental extractions or jaw surgery. All early intervention orthodontic treatment will require future orthodontics once all the adult teeth have come through to create that aesthetically pleasing and functional smile for your child.

A Twin Block is a removable appliance that is made in 2 parts, which permit and allows normal mouth movement and eating. The appliance is designed in such a way that it can help improve the size and width of the upper arch, while projecting the lower jaw forwards at the same time. The Twin Block is best used during the growing years in young children, typically around 9 – 12 years of age, and is normally utilised for a period of 12 -18 months. This is followed by full fixed braces when older.

These appliances are commonly used to create space and increase the arch width of the upper jaw during the growing years of younger kids and teenagers. This orthopaedic expansion of the jaw is activated by turning a screw in the middle of the plate once or twice a day as directed by our team at The Smile Designer. The length of time that this appliance is used for will be discussed by our team and will vary from each child.

Removable Orthodontic appliances are used in growing kids when there are minor tooth movements required. They are used in growing kids that have orthodontic problems such as crossbites or teeth that are blocked out. It can help with arch width expansion as well.

If your child has prematurely lost a baby tooth or teeth, then this can have implications on the growth of the surround adult teeth over the years. Teeth on either side of the gap can move and cause future complications. These space maintainers are utilised to prevent tooth movement into these spaces. They are simple and robust appliances that are made in conjunction with our Orthodontic Laboratories.

What are space maintainers and when are they required?

Space maintainers are dental appliances used to preserve the space created by a prematurely lost or extracted primary (baby) tooth. These devices are typically required in pediatric dentistry when a primary tooth is lost before the eruption of its permanent successor. Space maintainers serve several important functions:
  • Maintaining Space: The primary purpose of a space maintainer is to prevent neighboring teeth from drifting or shifting into the empty space left by the lost primary tooth. This ensures that there is adequate space available for the permanent tooth to erupt properly when it’s ready.
  • Facilitating Normal Eruption: Space maintainers help guide the emerging permanent tooth into its correct position, reducing the likelihood of it coming in crooked or misaligned due to the shifting of adjacent teeth.
  • Preserving Bite Alignment: By preventing neighboring teeth from moving out of their natural positions, space maintainers help maintain proper bite alignment and occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together).
Space maintainers come in various types, including:
  • Removable Space Maintainers: These are typically made of acrylic and have artificial teeth to fill the gap. They can be removed for cleaning and are suitable for older children who can cooperate with their use.
  • Fixed Space Maintainers: These are cemented or bonded to adjacent teeth and are not removable by the child. They are often used when a primary molar is lost and are more common in younger children who may have difficulty with removable appliances.
Space maintainers are necessary when:
  • A primary tooth is lost prematurely due to decay or injury.
  • The permanent tooth is expected to erupt in the near future.
  • There is a risk of neighboring teeth shifting into the empty space.
Properly placed space maintainers help ensure the healthy development of a child’s permanent dentition and reduce the need for more extensive orthodontic treatment in the future. They are typically used in consultation with a pediatric dentist or orthodontics to address specific dental concerns.
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When do we start Early Intervention?

It is recommended that children start getting an Orthodontic opinion between the ages of six and eight. This is when their first adult front teeth and back first molar tooth start to come through.

These early assessments on your child will allow us to identify if your child has crowded or misaligned teeth, speech problems or if habits such as thumb sucking are affecting their developing jaws. Our team can then guide you through your options.

For most patients, treatment may be simply waiting until they are older and all their adult teeth come through before starting kids orthodontic treatment.

Contact us at The Smile Designer Dental Studio to book your complimentary Orthodontic Consultation.

Cost Of Orthodontics For Kids

There is no need to put off having a straight smile because of cost. childrens orthodontics treatment in Melbourne can be more affordable than you think at The Smile Designer Dental Studio.

Because there are so many complete orthodontics and dental care options available for each child, at your initial consultation, our kids orthodontics Melbourne team will put together a treatment plan that is catered specifically for you.

Orthodontics Insurance For Kids & Payment Plans

Interest Free Financing options are available that is spread over the term of your treatment. These repayments are split into more affordable monthly payments and will help reduce the initial upfront costs.

If you have health insurance that covers orthodontics insurance for kids, we can guide you through understanding and establishing the best possible payment schedule to maximise your insurance benefits.

We accept all Health Insurances, and offer On-the-Spot claiming for most funds with our HICAPS terminals.

For more information about our preventive orthodontic Treatment in Melbourne CBD, Payment Plans and Financing options, please give our team at The Smile Designer a call today.

What is usually involved in orthodontic treatment for children?

Orthodontic treatment for children typically involves the following components:
  • Initial Assessment: The process begins with a comprehensive examination by an orthodontics to evaluate the child’s dental and facial structure, bite, and overall oral health.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: X-rays and photographs may be taken to assess the teeth and jaw alignment more thoroughly.
  • Treatment Planning: Based on the assessment, the orthodontics develops a personalised treatment plan that addresses specific orthodontic issues.
  • Orthodontic Appliances: Depending on the child’s needs, orthodontic appliances may be recommended. These can include braces, retainers, expanders, or other devices designed to align teeth and correct bite problems.
  • Regular Adjustments: For children with braces, periodic adjustments are necessary to gradually shift teeth into their desired positions. These appointments typically occur every few weeks.
  • Oral Hygiene: Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is crucial during orthodontic treatment. The child must learn how to clean their teeth and braces properly to prevent issues like cavities and gum disease.
  • Monitoring Growth: In some cases, the orthodontics may monitor the child’s growth and development to time orthodontic interventions effectively.
  • Retainers: After braces are removed, the child may need to wear retainers to prevent teeth from shifting back to their original positions.
  • Patient Education: Children are educated on how to care for their orthodontic appliances, manage discomfort, and maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Routine appointments with the orthodontics are essential to track progress, make necessary adjustments, and ensure treatment stays on course.
Orthodontic treatment for children is aimed at addressing alignment and bite issues, ensuring proper jaw development, and achieving a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile. The specific treatment plan and duration can vary based on the child’s unique needs and goals.

Early Orthodontics: Setting the Foundation for a Lifelong Smile

At The Smile Designer, we understand the significance of early orthodontic intervention in ensuring your child’s dental health and well-being. Our commitment to creating beautiful, healthy smiles begins with early orthodontics.

Why Early Orthodontics?

  • Preventative Approach: Early orthodontic evaluations allow us to identify and address dental issues before they become more complex, often reducing the need for extensive treatments in the future.
  • Optimal Growth: Guiding your child’s dental development at a young age can help achieve a harmonious and well-aligned smile as they grow.
  • Improved Oral Health: Correcting issues such as misaligned teeth or improper bite early can contribute to better oral hygiene and overall dental health.

Our Approach to Early Orthodontics

  • Personalised Assessment: Our experienced orthodontists conduct thorough assessments to identify any potential orthodontic issues unique to your child.
  • Customised Treatment Plans: Based on the evaluation, we develop personalised treatment plans tailored to your child’s specific needs.
  • Gentle and Effective Solutions: We utilise modern, gentle orthodontic techniques and appliances designed to ensure comfort and effectiveness.
  • Parent Involvement: We keep parents informed and involved throughout the treatment process, addressing any questions or concerns along the way.

The Benefits of Choosing The Smile Designer

  • Expertise: Our kids orthodontics have extensive experience in early orthodontics, providing your child with the best care available.
  • Compassionate Care: We understand that children may have reservations about orthodontic treatment, and we create a friendly, supportive environment to put them at ease.
  • Comprehensive Services: From early orthodontics to adolescent and adult orthodontic treatments in Melbourne, The Smile Designer is your one-stop destination for all your orthodontic needs.
Investing in your child’s oral health with early orthodontics at The Smile Designer is an investment in their future. We believe that every smile should be a source of confidence and pride, and we’re here to help your child achieve just that. Contact us today to schedule an early orthodontic appointment for your child!

Kids Orthodontics – Before and After Photos

FAQ’S About Kids Orthodontics

Do I need a dental check up before starting Orthodontics?

Yes, a dental check up and teeth cleaning are essential prior to starting orthodontics, and this needs to be maintained during orthodontic treatment as well. We recommend six monthly dental hygiene visits to maintain the health of your teeth and gums

Will the treatment hurt?

It is normal for teeth to be tender. This will last for a few days. The intensity and duration of this discomfort will vary with each patient. Painkillers may need to be taken to relieve any discomfort. It is recommended that you see your pharmacist for the medication that would suit you. Teeth can feel “tight” after an adjustment but it is usually mild and disappears quickly.

The cheeks and lips also need time to become accustomed to braces or other appliances. A “settling in” period is also normal for other functional appliances.

What food can I eat?

If you eat hard and/or sticky foods, wires can bend or break and brackets and bands can come loose. Sweets and lollies are usually hard and should not be eaten; minties, toffees, boiled lollies, hard chocolate, ice blocks, hard biscuits, nuts and other similar foods ill all damage braces. On special occasions, it is nice to have sweets and it is better to choose a softer alternative such as a cake, a soft centred chocolate or ice cream. Most bread, meat, fruit and vegetables are fine, however, hard or crisp foods such as apples and raw carrots should be sliced or shredded before eating. It is also best to cut meat off bones and corn off the cob.

Will I have teeth removed?

Our goal is to place the teeth in the ideal aesthetic position that is best for your smile and suits your face.In some cases, it is necessary to remove teeth as part of the orthodontic treatment. We carry out meticulous planning to formulate and orthodontic treatment plan. The decision to extract any teeth is not taken lightly, and you will be involved in the planning phase while we go through all the possible options available.

How long does Phase 1 Orthodontics take?

Every individual is different and early intervention orthodontics can range from 6 up to 18 months. This will depend on the type of appliance used and the treatment goal and outcome desired. All information will be provided to you at your initial consultation.

What are the benefits of Orthodontics?

The idea is to create a more attractive, natural and pleasing smile. Our aim is to create better functionality of your teeth. Studies show that people with straight teeth have better self confidence, while it encourages long term better health of the teeth and gums. This is because there is an increased ability to clean teeth due to less crowding. Teeth that are protruded are also a lower risk of injury once they are straightened. As the phrase goes- ‘healthy smiles, healthy life’.

What are some of the signs that Phase 1 or Early Intervention Orthodontics may be needed?

If you notice general crowding or overlapping of teeth, of the midlines and centres of your teeth do not line up, then you may require orthodontics. Some people have spacing, deep bites, underbites and open bites. All these issues cause the teeth to not fit in its proper position, and can lead to difficulty in chewing and long term dental wear. Habits such as finger or thumb sucking that continue after six or seven years old can cause dental related problems.

What is Phase 1 and Phase 2 Treatment?

Phase 1 is orthodontics that is starting at an early age, before all the adult teeth have erupted into position. Treatment can start from 8 years of age, and can help in the correction of crossbites, overbites, underbites, and certain habits.

Phase 2 treatment is done at an older age once all adult teeth have come through. Typically, this is around 12-15 years old for girls and 13-16 years of age for boys.

Can we play sports with braces?

Yes, it is ok to continue playing sports. We would recommend using a mouthguard. If you have a removable appliance, this can be removed during sports.

Will Braces interfere with playing musical instruments?

In most cases, braces do not affect your musical abilities. There will be a period of adjustment that is required but most of our patients have not noticed a huge impact.

What is the cost of Orthodontics?

Because there are so many treatment options available for each child, at your initial consultation, our team will put together a treatment plan that is catered specifically for you. We offer Orthodontic Consultations at The Smile Designer so that we can go through all the options available to you and your child.

Where is your dental clinic located?

We are located in Melbourne at 118-120 High street, Thornbury. We are on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, close to Bell Street, and just a stones throw away from surrounding suburbs like Northcote, Brunswick, Preston and Heidelberg.

What is dental overcrowding and how can it be treated?
Dental overcrowding is a condition in which there is insufficient space in the mouth to accommodate all the teeth properly. This can lead to various dental issues, including misalignment, bite problems, and aesthetic concerns. Dental overcrowding can occur for several reasons, including genetics, inadequate jaw size, or the presence of extra teeth.
Treatment for dental overcrowding typically involves orthodontic intervention and may include the following approaches:
  • Braces: Traditional braces are often used to align and straighten teeth when overcrowding is present. Brackets and wires are attached to the teeth, and gradual adjustments are made to move the teeth into their proper positions over time.
  • Orthodontic Appliances: In some cases, orthodontists may recommend removable or fixed appliances that help create space and facilitate tooth movement. These can include palatal expanders, space maintainers, or headgear.
  • Tooth Extractions: In more severe cases of dental overcrowding, one or more teeth may need to be extracted to create space for the remaining teeth to align properly. Typically, this is done strategically to achieve the best alignment and bite.
  • Invisalign or Clear Aligners: Clear aligner systems like Invisalign can be effective for addressing mild to moderate cases of dental overcrowding. These aligners are custom-made and gradually shift the teeth into their correct positions.
  • Retainers: After orthodontic treatment, retainers are often prescribed to maintain the new tooth positions and prevent regression. Retainers can be removable or fixed, depending on the individual case.
  • Surgical Orthodontics: In extreme cases where dental overcrowding is accompanied by severe jaw discrepancies, orthognathic surgery may be required in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to reposition the jaws and align the teeth properly.
The specific treatment approach for dental overcrowding varies depending on the severity of the condition, the age of the patient, and their individual needs and preferences. Kids orthodontic consultations and evaluations are essential to determine the most suitable treatment plan to achieve a healthy and properly aligned smile.

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I had a hygiene clean and check up with Dentist Nathan who made me feel very comfortable and explained the process of the treatment in such great detail. I was overall very pleased with the hygiene clean followed by the time Nathan took to sit me down and look over my before and after photos and focus on the treatment plan I have ahead. My next treatment I will be seeing Dev who is also a fabulous dentist to deal with, Dev always puts me at ease and gets the job done so professionally. He has actually cured my anxiety with dentists. Lastly I must add the aesthetics of this clinic are stunning, the cleanliness is terrific and I am glad that I can recommended my family and friends to a terrific team of dentists at the smile designer.Rebekah R.Rebekah R. ★★★★★ I had a great first consultation and clean at the smile designer. My dentist Maddie made me feel so comfortable, explaining everything and showing me photos of my teeth. All the staff were so friendly and the practice is beautifully designed to help you feel at ease. I would highly recommended this practice.S FS F ★★★★★ As someone whos dental anxiety has only gotten worse the longer I've avoided an appointment, I am so relieved to have found Dr. Madeline Duff and the TSD team!From the moment I plucked up the courage to call and book in, the whole team provided great communicaiton and radiated kindness and reassurance.Throughout my appointment, I always knew what was going on. I felt supported, at-ease, and in gentle but capable hands. My teeth feel the best that they ever have, and I am confident in my next steps to keep them healthy.I felt incredibly comfortable Dr. Madeline's chair, and (for the first time ever) am looking forward to my next dental appointment :)Thanks again for helping me get over my biggest fear, I could not reccomend the TSG team more for others facing the same!claire D.claire D. ★★★★★ I have always been very apprehensive to go to the dentist. So much so that it had been years since I had my teeth checked! But everyone was extremely warm and understanding, and I felt at ease from the moment I made my initial appointment over the phone. Kara was extremely friendly at the front desk, and Dr Huang was very patient with me. I am definitely going back for my follow-up appointments. Thank you again!Lila S.Lila S. ★★★★★ Can’t speak highly enough of Dr Madeline Duff and the whole team. Felt comfortable from the moment I stepped into their lovely surgery. Madeline was extremely professional and reassuring and made the whole experience very easy. Highly recommend.Kate O.Kate O. ★★★★★ Quite honestly the loveliest dentists experience I've ever had!I had a fixed wire that broke and they got me in the very next day to pop it back in, no questions asked. The staff were all so lovely and made me feel like I'd been going there for years - honestly can't fault it. Staff were beyond lovely, such a quick and painless procedure, and facilities were super swish.Please consider going here if you need anything done - you won't regret it!Oscar S.Oscar S. ★★★★★ I had my first appointment at The Smile Designer yesterday after not seeing a dentist in a couple of years. Garath, Kara, and the rest of the team were friendly, professional, and left me feeling confident with their assessment.rosa C.rosa C. ★★★★★ A massive thank you to the team at The Smile Designer especially Dr Madeline Duff who is an amazing dentist that took the time to explain and plan my dental transformation.Her work is impressive and she provides the best care possible.I’m very grateful for her dedication.Thank you to Maggie and Kara who are always very welcoming and friendly.Thank you so much —The Smile Designer.Maddzoggy TMaddzoggy T ★★★★★ This is by far the most incredible dentist I’ve ever stepped foot in. From the moment you walk in the receptionist are absolutely delightful and extremely helpful. Dr Gareth is hands down the most thorough dentist I’ve been seen in my life. 10/10 from entry to exit! Such a wonderful experience!suzie C.suzie C. ★★★★★ My son underwent a remarkable dental transformation at the hands of the talented The Smile Designer team. Thanks to the incredible work done by Madeleine, he now exudes confidence and has a radiant smile. Witnessing such a positive change in my son, I was inspired to book an appointment with Madeleine for myself. To my delight, her work was equally impressive.The entire team at The Smile Designer clinic is not only skilled but also exceptionally pleasant, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. As someone who used to find dental visits intimidating, I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable during a dental appointment. Now, I eagerly look forward to my next visit, knowing that I am in the hands of professionals who truly care about their patients' well-being.I highly recommend The Smile Designer to anyone seeking top-notch dental care and a positive experience. Their dedication and expertise have left a lasting impression on both my son and myself.Thank you 🙏🏻 THE SMILE DESIGNERMark K.Mark K. ★★★★★ As a new customer and someone who hasn't seen a dentist for years(!) I was a bit apprehensive.. but I shouldn't have been. I was really impressed. Dr Maddie is so knowledgeable, explains things clearly and has excellent attention to detail (like when it came to cleaning my teeth). Pricing is fair and really transparent and the service from when you walk in the door is so personable. I've booked my next appointment so I don't leave it so long again. My future me thanks you!js_loader
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