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Are you looking for affordable dentist in Northcote? We are leading dental specialist providing expert dental care, the family dentists of Northcote with personalised care.

You will get satisfactory emergency dental treatments, including braces for children, Invisalign, etc. You can contact our skilled dentist in Northcote, which is only 3.1km away from Preston, for detailed information.

From restorative procedures to cosmetic dentistry, we offer a holistic range of dental solutions to help our patients get comprehensive dental care services in high street Northcote, We are the pioneers of modern dentistry in Melbourne with our expertise and readiness to adopt the latest dental techniques and technologies.

We are committed to offering dental services with the highest standards as we want to create a long-lasting relationship with each of our patients. Regardless of the dental issue’s complexity, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us and walk into our Northcote family dental clinic for a complete solution.

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    Solutions For All Your Dental Worries

    We offer comprehensive smile makeover services by combining a few of the above restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic treatment services in Northcode, VIC, 3070.

    You can learn about each of these services by visiting our service pages. Do you have any questions or want to know more about our dental services in Northcode, VIC? Connect with us today; our Northcote dentists are happy to provide you with the information and guide you to get the right services to address your dental issues and concerns.

    Emergency Dentist Northcote

    We are the preferred emergency dentist in high street Northcote. If you are struggling with any of the following dental and oral health issues, we welcome you to receive our prioritised services:

    • Dental decay or cavity with pain
    • Oral infection with or without pain and abscess
    • Loss of permanent tooth
    • Bleeding from the mouth
    • Accidents that hurt your teeth, gums, and jaws

    Are your dental devices like metal braces broken or loose? You can choose our emergency services in Northcote to get quick restoration. During normal working hours, we prioritise you providing immediate dental treatment services. We also offer emergency services beyond regular operational hours and during weekends.

    As soon as you identify the need for emergency dentistry in Northcote, you can contact us and drive to our family dental clinic to get quick dental care in Northcode.

    Renowned Family Dentist in Northcote

    How do I choose a family dentist On High Street Northcote? Or What does a family dentist do? These two are the questions that keep on rolling in patients’ minds in need of any dental care at home.

    However, you don’t need to go far as The Smile Designer have the best team of a family dentist in Northcote. They ensure to offer effective dental services to help you and your family with all your dental issues.

    We provide all dental solutions from wisdom teeth removal, braces, porcelain crowns, cosmetic veneers, root canal, teeth whitening, dental veneers to dental implants in Northcote. Along with the family dentist , we also have a fully skilled emergency dentist, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentist in Northcote. Our Northcote dentists focus on general and preventative dentistry.

    Painless Dental Treatment Experience in Northcote

    Regardless of age, thinking about visiting a dentist can make some people nervous. Also, patients who receive complex dental procedures require a painless treatment experience. We offer sleep dentistry solutions to help our patients manage pain and dental anxiety.

    We also have created a positive atmosphere at our clinic to engage with patients and reduce stress levels. You can contact our Northcode dentists to discuss your concerns and learn about sleep dentistry options.

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    State-Of-The-Art Technology

    We are focused on making our dental services advanced to give accurate, quick treatment and healing to our Northcode patients. Therefore, we use the latest technology and systems to deliver our treatments. With 3D imaging, digital X-rays, CT cone beam X-ray scanners, soft tissue laser therapy devices, and intra-oral cameras, our treatments are simplified and seamless experience for our patients.

    Booking dental appointments in Northcode with us are also hassle-free and simplified with technology. You can book an appointment with our dentist in Northcote using our online booking form anytime from anywhere.

    Affordable Family Dental Care in Northcote

    We offer sleep dentistry solutions to help our patients manage pain and dental anxiety. we offer special promotions and discounts for our services to make them more pocket-friendly for our customers.

    The Smile Designer is also a preferred provider of the major health networks of Australia. We have also partnered with the health industry’s leading finance providers to offer interest-free monthly payment plans to our patients. Feel free to contact us to learn more about these flexible plans.

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    Affordable Dental Clinic In Northcote

    We have priced all our dental services at affordable rates to give a high-value service experience to all our patients. We also offer special offers and discount programs from time to time to help our patients. Additionally, The Smile Designer is the preferred provider of the major health providers of Australia.

    We have also partnered with some of the industry’s leading health finance providers to offer monthly, interest-free plans to make our services more flexible to our patients. Call us today for affordable dental care near Northcote.

    Caring, Friendly Treatment Experience

    We also take it as an opportunity to make long-term relationships with our patients.

    Our care professionals will assist you in every regard and ensure that you have a hassle-free, warm experience at the clinic. Our dentists will talk to you, understand your needs, complete a comprehensive dental exam, create a custom dental care and treatment plan based on your needs, and communicate it with you before beginning the procedure.

    We want all our patients to have a completely transparent service from us, and we will communicate the realistic outcome of the treatment. Our dentists will also answer all your questions and concerns before starting with the procedure.

    Braces In Northcote

    Braces are a guaranteed way of transforming the look of your teeth through an effective, well-tested treatment. We’ve gained years of experience in the dental industry, and therefore, we utilise braces as a way of rectifying a range of dental issues that our patients usually face – this includes problems such as crowded, crooked or misshapen teeth.

    It’s common that many people feel self-conscious about the way their teeth look, but you can change that entirely with braces. Get back your confidence and show off the perfect smile you’ve always wanted when you choose braces in Northcode from our dental clinic.


    Orthodontics In Northcote

    We offer two distinct options when it comes to orthodontics treatment services in Northcode, VIC, 3070. Traditional metal or ceramic braces are a guaranteed way of transforming any set of teeth into one that looks beautiful and that you’ll be proud to show off. Alternatively, we also offer Invisalign for Northcode patients who are well-suited to the treatment.

    Invisalign is an impressive orthodontics treatment that is less invasive, more discrete, and comes with removable aligners. No matter what orthodontic procedure you prefer, our Northcote dental experts as experienced in ensuring you get the best dental care possible and are satisfied with your teeth’s overall look.

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    Call us today (03) 9034 5949 or use our contact form to book an appointment in Northcote. We will help you to bring back your oral health and improve your smile.


    Invasive procedures may not give the intended results due to complexities associated with them. We request that you check with an independent health practitioner before choosing surgical or invasive procedures.


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