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If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in the back of your mouth, it may be time to consider wisdom teeth removal. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a range of issues, including infection, swelling, and damage to surrounding teeth.

Some people are born without Wisdom Teeth, while some have enough room in their jaws for all their teeth to come through. But for others, wisdom teeth can prove to be quite painful and uncomfortable as they start to come through and erupt. Wisdom teeth removal dental hospital is located in Melbourne and is here to help you with your wisdom tooth concerns and issues in Melbourne.

At our Melbourne practice, we offer wisdom teeth surgery using general anesthesia for your comfort and safety. Our experienced team of dentists is highly skilled in performing wisdom teeth extractions, ensuring that the process is as quick and painless as possible. With our flexible payment plans and acceptance of most private health insurance. Trust us to take care of your wisdom teeth in Melbourne. We have created a warm and relaxing atmosphere here at our dental studios, located on the border of Thornbury and South Preston.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Services In Melbourne

Have you ever experienced the pain of getting your wisdom teeth removed? If you have never gone through a wisdom tooth removal service, the idea can be scary. It is a standard surgical procedure that a dentist generally performs and, in some cases, also by an oral surgeon.

At The Smile Designer, we have a team of well-trained and experienced dentists for emergency wisdom teeth removal service. We know all the techniques to soothe your anxious nerves and provide you with a positive dental treatment experience.
Wisdom teeth are called the third molars that erupt during your late teens or early twenties. They are the last four teeth in your mouth. Generally, your jaw is very small to accommodate them completely. Hence, the eruption of wisdom teeth often causes severe pain and discomfort.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that develop and start to erupt between the ages of 16 to 24. It is common for these wisdom teeth to erupt and get impacted. This means there is not enough room for them.

Do I Need To Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

If you have any one of these issues, then it is ideal for your wisdom teeth to be removed:-

  • Infection from an impacted wisdom tooth
  • Dental crowding from the wisdom teeth
  • Cysts that form around the wisdom teeth
  • Damage to nearby teeth due to the eruption of wisdom teeth
  • If you have pain, swelling, or red inflamed gums around the wisdom teeth
  • You lymph glands start to swell up, become enlarged or feel sore
  • If you start getting a fever because of one of the above, and notice pus draining from the gumline

How Do You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Our team of experienced dentists can work with you and give you a range of options. While most of the wisdom teeth extractions in Melbourne are done with a simple local anaesthetic procedure, we do offer other alternative options. Sedation or Sleep Dentistry at our practice in Thornbury or a general anaesthetic treatment in a Melbourne hospital can be discussed.

How Long Does Recovery Take After An Extraction?

Everyone is different, and this will also depend on how difficult the extraction is. There will be swelling and discomfort for the first 48 to 72 hours. Your mouth may take a few weeks to recover, but most people are back to work and start routine activities within a few days after the surgery. You will be given a post operative instruction sheet which will detail what you can and can’t do after the surgery, as well as options for pain management.

Why Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth do not always need to be extracted. We will check to confirm whether your teeth are fine or likely to cause pain and other issues. It depends on your jaw size and how your teeth have developed. Some of the common reasons for wisdom teeth extraction are:

Its Impact On The Remaining Teeth

If a wisdom tooth is located far back in your mouth, it may impact the adjoining teeth, causing infection and severe pain.

Size Of Your Mouth

If the size of your mouth is not big enough, the wisdom teeth may take up a large space along your jaw, causing dental crowding, discomfort, and pain.

Development Of Teeth In The Wrong Angle

If your teeth develop at the wrong angle, they may press the remaining teeth in your mouth, leading to the misalignment of teeth and additional pain.

Cavities And Signs Of Gum Disease

If your wisdom tooth has a cavity and other signs of gum disease that may cause tooth decay and various oral problems, we recommend extraction to prevent further damage.

Book An Appointment With Us For Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal In Melbourne

If you are experiencing severe pain along with the backset of teeth, make an appointment with us for emergency wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne because the pain can result from the issue related to the wisdom teeth. We will commence a thorough examination to identify the cause of the pain.

If you ignore the symptoms, the problem will become more severe, resulting in more damage to the adjacent tooth or a misaligned tooth. It may increase complications during surgery, and the dentist may require additional processes resulting in higher operating costs.
Ignorance of dental illness or pain may also end up causing tumours or cysts, which are more painful and expensive to remove. It’s wiser to pay attention to all the symptoms related to wisdom tooth issues. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible:
  • Jaw pain
  • Tenderness
  • Redness of the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Damage to nearby teeth due to wisdom tooth eruption
  • Swelling of the gum
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • Swelling of lymph glands
  • The presence of cysts around the gum
  • Draining of pus from the gum line
  • High fever

If you don’t experience any of these symptoms, it is still vital to visit your dentist because your wisdom teeth may require a professional examination to avoid further decay or complication.

What We Do?

At The Smile Designer, our highly qualified and experienced professionals work with you at each step of the treatment procedure. We offer a wide range of options to help you choose the best for your requirements. We provide sleep dentistry or sedation options for the pain-free and comfortable removal of wisdom teeth apart from the anaesthetic process. It is an ideal solution for those who are anxious or have dental phobias.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost In Melbourne

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne generally ranges from $250 to $400 per tooth. In cases where the extraction is more complex and requires an operation theatre, the cost may be higher. However, we offer flexible payment plans and accept most private health insurance to ensure the treatment is affordable for you. Our aim is to remove any financial barriers to quality treatment and provide you with peace of mind.
Our surgical wisdom teeth removal service in Melbourne offers a range of options and costs depending on the complexity of the surgery. During your consultation, we will take an x-ray and provide you with a breakdown of the costs and options, including sedation.

FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extractions are extremely common and, often, a little complicated. Before any wisdom tooth extraction procedure, it’s understandable that our patients would want to know all the details. Therefore, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions about wisdom tooth extractions.For more information on The Smile Designer or our treatments, contact us today on (03) 9034 5949.

How long does pain last after tooth extraction?

Pain after any normal tooth extraction is common and completely expected. Usually, pain after surgery may last up to two weeks, and therefore, it is highly recommended that you follow the guidelines for recovery that your dentist sets for you. This usually includes taking pain medication when necessary, eating soft foods, and ensuring that your mouth is kept in good condition to allow the wound to heal completely.

How long does pain after wisdom tooth extraction last?

Just like a normal tooth extraction, pain after wisdom teeth removal can last up to two weeks. However, you may feel as though you’re having difficulty opening your mouth or experiencing pain or stiffness of the jaw joint. This is completely normal for wisdom teeth removal surgeries and will ease over time. With this type of tooth extraction, you will likely have swelling and mild discomfort for three days or do – and it will take a few weeks for it to completely heal. For more information on wisdom tooth extraction pain, contact our team of dentists today.

How much is a tooth extraction?

The cost of tooth extraction is completely dependent on the individual case. Generally, a simple tooth extraction can cost anywhere from $220 to $400 – and maybe more if general anaesthesia or sedation is needed. However, the cost of getting your wisdom tooth removed can be much higher. In Australia, a simple removal using local anaesthetic for all four teeth can cost up to $2,000, with general anaesthetic being higher than that. At The Smile Designer, we believe in keeping our prices affordable for everyone, and therefore, we’re happy to discuss costs and other details with you in person through a one on one consultation session.

When can I eat after tooth extraction?

An hour after your surgery, you’re able to remove the gauze sponges which our dentists will place in your mouth to stop the bleeding and have something to eat. However, the foods must be soft for the first 24 hours after surgery. It’s also recommended that you avoid eating hot foods and drinks for a few hours after surgery and that you do not drink from a straw for the first 24 hours. It’s important to ease yourself back into a normal diet when you feel comfortable doing so and not to put any strain on your removal wounds.

What can I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?

Stick to eating soft, easy to chew foods such as yoghurt, pudding, jelly, and ice cream. Eventually, you can start to eat some soft hot foods like mash potatoes or blended soups. Avoid any hard items or anything that will irritate the extraction wound. For more information on what to eat after a wisdom tooth extraction, talk to our dentists today. We’re happy to discuss any procedure expectations and recovery processes.

How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat normally?

After your wisdom teeth removal surgery, you must wait at least one hour before you can remove your gauze sponge and have something soft to eat. It’s important to stick to soft foods for the first day after surgery as your wounds are still incredibly sensitive and should be irritated. Eventually, as you become more comfortable, you can start to incorporate other solid foods into your diet until you’re back to a normal, everyday regimen.

How to get rid of numbness after wisdom teeth removal?

Getting rid of the numbness you feel after getting your wisdom teeth removal comes down to time. You must remain patient, and the numbness will wear off. There’s nothing you can do to speed up the process, however, you can take your mind off the feeling by sleeping or involving yourself with other activities. The numbness you feel won’t last long and will gradually disappear with time.

How long does wisdom teeth removal take?

Usually, wisdom teeth removal surgery will take 45 minutes or less. However, the length of your surgery will depend on how many wisdom teeth are being extracted and how complicated the case is. In some instanced, the wisdom teeth need to be broken into pieces before they are removed, and therefore, this procedure takes longer than if the teeth were to be extracted in their original condition. At The Smile Designer, we are committed to performing an efficient wisdom tooth removal process that is guaranteed to provide the desired results.

How long does it take for wisdom teeth removal to heal?

After wisdom teeth removal surgery, it can take up to 2 weeks for your wounds to fully recover and heal. During this time, you may experience swollen cheeks and mouth. Gradually, this feeling will start to disappear, and the functionality of your mouth will start to improve. To speed up the healing process or reduce swelling, you can gently press a cold cloth to your face, which may bring you more comfort. For more information on the healing process, contact our team at The Smile Designer today.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Covered By Medicare
Wisdom teeth removal may be partially covered by Medicare in certain circumstances, such as if it is deemed medically necessary due to infection or impaction.
Private health insurance providers like Medibank and Bupa may offer coverage for wisdom teeth removal as part of their dental plans. Bulk billing for wisdom teeth removal is available for eligible patients in some cases, such as those with a concession card or who are on a low income. It’s important to check with the provider to understand the details of the coverage.
Side Effects Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction
The most common side effects of wisdom tooth extraction include pain, swelling, and bruising in the affected area. Some patients may also experience bleeding, difficulty opening their mouth, and temporary numbness or tingling in the face or lips.
Less common side effects may include infection, dry socket, damage to nearby teeth or nerves, and sinus problems. It is important to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions carefully to reduce the risk of complications and promote proper healing. If you experience severe or persistent symptoms, contact your dentist immediately.
Where is your clinic located?

We are located in Melbourne at 118-120 High street, Thornbury. We are on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, close to Bell Street, and just a stones throw away from surrounding suburbs like Northcote, Brunswick, Preston and Heidelberg.

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