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The Smile Designer is your local family dentist in your area Reservoir that is renowned for giving personalised dental care solutions.

Do you have an imperfect smile, or your kids are experiencing some oral issues?  We ensure emergency dental treatments, including Invisalign, braces, implants etc., for all age people. You can consult our best team of dentist for getting the best advice on oral issues. Else, visit our dentist in Reservoir, which will only take 8mins max as it is around 4.5km away from Preston.

Our large variety of services cover all aspects of dentistry, ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Conveniently situated in Reservoir, our expertise and precise family dental care solution with a holistic approach makes us the pioneers of modern dentistry.

We attend training and conferences to stay up to date with the latest developments in dentistry. Our investment in the most advanced dental technologies and equipment focuses on providing you with the best service possible in the industry. Our Reservoir dentist expert team has the right credentials and experience to put you at ease and provide comfort both in and out of the dentist chair.

Dentist near me: local expertise is just a phone call away!

    Family Dental Care Reservoir

    We provide a wide range of services to become a one-stop solution for all your dental worries.

    We make use of cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontics to offer you smile makeover services in Reservoir.

    A Relaxed And Painless Dental Experience

    If the fear of pain or negative dental experience makes you feel anxious or nervous while seeking dental treatment, our sleep dentistry offers the best solution to solve your worries. It manages pain and anxiety and provides you with a positive and painless treatment experience. It also soothes your anxious nerves while you are receiving complex treatment procedures in the dentist’s chair.

    Our state-of-the-art dental clinic carefully designed with a holistic approach engages you and ensures that you are being treated by one of the most capable and experienced teams available in your locality.

    Latest Technology And Equipment

    We make use of the most advanced techniques and technologies to give you the most accurate diagnosis and the most suitable treatment procedure that provides a quick healing process. Our focus is to provide you with the optimal dental solution that can give you complete peace of mind with a wonderful feeling afterward.

    We create a simple and seamless experience for you by using the latest equipment and machines, like digital X-rays, 3D imaging, soft tissue laser therapy devices, CT cone beam X-ray scanners, intra-oral cameras, and much more.

    Your Affordable Dentist In Reservoir

    As an affordable dentist with standard treatment options, we take care to remove your financial barriers when getting high-quality treatment. We assist you with flexible payment plans, and we have partnered with leading health insurance companies so that we can accept almost all types of private health insurance.

    Our affordable payment plans will give you peace of mind, and you will be surprised to see that choosing our dental service is not as expensive and scary as you initially thought.

    Your Local Reservoir Dentist, Call Us: (03) 9034 5949

    Patient-Centric Approach

    The moment you contact us to seek our service in Reservoir, we ensure that you are our priority. Our front-office staff will help find an appointment that suits you. Our team of Reservoir dentists is dedicated to understanding your dental issue and finding the very best treatment option.

    We take time to review your oral health to identify your dental priorities. It helps us in addressing your concerns in the best possible way – ensuring that it suits your pocket as well as your purpose.

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    Gentle And Caring Dental Treatment Experience

    We value our long-term relationships with our patients – both new and old.

    Our team of gentle, caring professionals will assist you at every step to ensure that you have a warm and hassle-free service experience at our family clinic Reservoir. Our dentists will talk to you to analyze your problems and conduct a thorough examination to create a custom treatment plan because we understand that every mouth is different, and so are the requirements.

    We use the wealth of experience and the keen eye for detail to come up with the perfect solution for all types of simple and complicated dental issues. We believe in providing a transparent service. Hence, we keep on communicating in each step of our treatment process to make you aware of the realistic outcome.

    Emergency Dentist Reservoir

    There arise situations when you require immediate professional help to get relief from severe pain, to treat dental infections, or to manage any other dental trauma. We offer emergency dental care to help our patients in a time of crisis.

    During regular working hours, we prioritise your concerns and assist you with quick dental care solutions. You can also contact emergency dentist Reservoir for after-hour Services and drive to our clinic to get immediate treatment.

    Braces Reservoir

    Have you always thought about getting braces? Make your dream of attaining straighter teeth a reality when you team up with us. For more information on braces in Reservoir or our dental clinic, contact us today. We offer traditional metal and clear braces to help transform the look of your teeth into a set you’ll be proud to show off.

    Our braces are designed specifically for each individual so that you get the best results no matter which braces option you choose. Although braces may take time to deliver results, it’s a treatment that is guaranteed to work no matter what condition your teeth are in.


    Orthodontics Reservoir

    Are you suffering from cracked, chipped or overcrowded teeth? When you need an orthodontic treatment because you’re suffering from a range of dental issues, choose the our Reservoir orthodontist team to get it done for you. Issues could include trouble chewing, an overbite, tooth sensitivity, and more.

    However, you will find it easier to maintain your oral hygiene to a higher standard with the proper orthodontics procedure in Reservoir. We’ll complete a series of evaluations and examinations before deciding on which orthodontics procedure is best suited to you. For more information on orthodontics treatment in Reservoir, contact us today.

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