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The Smile Designer is a renowned name in Preston. Offering a comprehensive range of dental services in Preston, we are the preferred choice for many families in your locality.

We are well-equipped with the latest technology and updated dentistry skills, we are pioneers in providing the best general dentistry Preston possible in the industry. No matter what type of dental issues you are dealing with, we are experts in finding a suitable solution for you.


    Your Family Dental Clinic In Preston

    At The Smile Designer, we have a team of general dentists, cosmetic dentists, oral health therapists, orthodontics, front office and back-office experts. We work dedicatedly to help you achieve a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and gums.

    Our oral hygienist recommends that you visit the clinic after every six months for a routine dental check-up and cleaning. We do a thorough cleaning to remove tartar, plaque, or any other bacterial deposits that may damage your teeth and gums.

    Our supportive front office and back office staff are dedicated to assisting you in solving your concerns.

    When you visit our dental clinic Preston, you can expect to receive a wide array of services including:

    Cosmetic Dentistry Preston

    As your trusted cosmetic dentist in Preston, we will help you to address imperfections in your teeth that impact your smile and self-confidence. Ranging from tooth alignment problems to discolouration, we provide accurate solutions for all your dental worries that help achieve optimal oral health with a bright smile.

    We combine the latest advancement in dental technology with our years of expertise, and experience to design your smile in the most precise way that makes you achieve the long-lasting dramatic outcome.

    Emergency Dentist Preston

    Situations arise when you require immediate professional help to relieve severe pain, treat dental infections, or manage any other dental trauma. Therefore, we offer emergency dental care in Preston to help our patients in their time of crisis.

    During regular working hours, we prioritise your concerns and assist you with quick dental care solutions. . You can also contact us after-hour emergency dentistry and drive to our Preston dental clinic to get immediate treatment.

    Sedation Dentistry For A Relaxed And Painless Experience

    If the fear of pain or negative dental experience makes you feel anxious or nervous while seeking dental treatment, our sleep dentistry offers the best solution to solve your worries. It manages pain and anxiety and provides you with a positive and painless treatment experience. It also soothes your anxious nerves while you are receiving complex treatment procedures in the dentist’s chair.

    Our state-of-the-art dentistry services Preston carefully designed with a holistic approach engage you and ensure that you are treated by one of the most capable and experienced teams available in your locality.

    Call Us: (03) 9034 5949

    General Dentistry Preston

    We offer general dentistry services in Preston to diagnose and treat your general oral concerns. You can count on us for your routine dental check-ups, root canals, dental restorations, teeth cleaning, root canal, gum disease, dentures, laser dentistry, teeth whitening, dental anxiety, and much more.

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants Melbourne provides an ideal solution for replacing your missing teeth. They are the advanced and reliable means of restoring your attractive smile and dental functionality.

    When you visit our clinic to seek professional help for replacing your missing teeth, our experts will explain the implant procedure to you in detail. After a discussion, we will perform a dental implant to replace your missing tooth roots with titanium posts that hold implants on them.

    With patient-centric services and competitive prices, we guarantee to provide you with 100% satisfaction. You can expect the following from us:

    • Natural Aesthetics
    • Fixed or Removable Appliances
    • Improved Chewing and Biting
    • Guided Surgery with Minimal Pain And Trauma
    • Much More

    Orthodontics Preston

    Our outstanding orthodontics means much more than just straight teeth. We use a wide range of appliances that impact your jaw’s growth by moving your teeth slowly and retraining your gum muscles. Our fixed and removable devices will apply gentle pressure on your teeth and jaw muscle to solve the issue.

    We design personalized treatment options specifically for you. We also provide kids orthodontics or Childers Dentistry in Preston to solve the dental worries of your growing kids and Utilise a range of services to help you achieve the self-confidence and wellbeing you’ve always wanted:

    • Invisalign
    • Conventional Braces
    • Clear Braces

    Dentist Preston

    Braces In Preston

    Are you suffering from crooked or overcrowded teeth that are making you lose confidence in your smile? Don’t let misaligned teeth stop you from living life to the fullest. At The Smile Designer, we’ll transform your teeth’s aesthetic appeal through the use of braces.

    You can choose from either traditional metal braces, which have been tried and tested for years, or our advanced and innovative clear ceramic braces for a more discrete look. No matter which method of braces you prefer, our team at The Smile Designer will work hard to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the result of your teeth and that you’re ready to show off your smile to the world.

    Orthodontics In Preston

    At The Smile Designer, we offer high-quality orthodontics in Preston. Many people struggle with overcrowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth, which often has a negative impact on one’s sense of confidence. At our dental clinic, we want to help you make the change you’ve always wanted. With our specialised orthodontics procedures of either braces or Invisalign, we can transform your teeth into a set you’ll be proud of.

    Our dentists will conduct careful examinations and tests to ensure we’re targeting the proper areas of your teeth and using our expertise to find the best solutions to any of your dental issues. For more information on orthodontics, contact our team today.

    Contact Us To Solve Your Dental Worries

    The Preston dentists at The Smile Designer can diagnose and treat any dental issues. If you want to get assured dental health, contact us today on (03) 9034 5949 or You can book an appointment by using our website form.


    This piece of content is not a substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Ensure to seek advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner or local dentist before deciding on any type of surgical or invasive procedure.

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