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Looking for the best orthodontic treatment in Preston, Melbourne? Orthodontics is more than simply straightening teeth, but about improving our patients’ confidence and lives. Straighten your teeth with a best Orthodontics in Melbourne CBD.

Orthodontic treatment uses different braces, including internal lingual braces, conventional braces, Invisalign, or clear braces. It helps hold your teeth tightly together and allows gradual shifting in the position of the misaligned teeth. The primary purpose is to correct your teeth’ position and improve the bite, jaw, and facial features.

At The Smile Designer, we have an experienced team of Orthodontic dentists in Melbourne who provide advice and perform treatment. We understand that no two patients are the same, and tailored solutions may be needed.

Hence, we custom design a treatment plan based on our thorough examination of your oral health. The main idea behind providing orthodontic treatment is to help you with a healthier mouth, stronger teeth, and a pleasing smile.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental field that corrects misaligned teeth and jaws using braces or aligners. It improves function and appearance, addressing cosmetic and functional issues. Treatment involves personalised plans, applying gentle pressure to straighten teeth. It can be done at any age and aims to provide a healthier smile.
  • Malocclusion is a misalignment of upper and lower teeth, affecting biting and chewing.
  • Bad bite patterns like overbites, underbites, and crossbites can cause uneven teeth wear, cracked or chipped teeth, and other dental issues.
  • Overcrowded smiles occur when teeth do not grow properly or at all due to a lack of space for proper development.

Orthodontics for Teenagers & Children

Orthodontics is important for teenagers and children. Treatment addresses issues like crooked teeth, misaligned jaws, and bite problems. Orthodontic care aims to guide jaw growth, align teeth, and create a harmonious bite.

Teenagers often receive braces or other appliances to correct misalignments. Children may undergo interceptive orthodontics to guide dental development. Orthodontic treatment improves both function and aesthetics. Regular check-ups with an orthodontist are crucial for monitoring and timely intervention.

Join us for an Orthodontic Consultation at The Smile Designer Dental Studio.

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An orthodontic check-up around the age of seven can simplify treatment or potentially prevent the need for braces.

You can achieve straight teeth at any age. It’s never too late for orthodontic treatment, and adults can benefit from a beautiful smile.

The best time for braces is around ages 11 to 13. Modern clear and invisible braces are available to protect confidence during treatment.

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Orthodontics Treatment For Braces Near Me

Our team at The Smile Designer Dental Studio in Melbourne are dedicated to creating outstanding, healthy and beautiful smiles.  Our advanced new dental studios have been created so that we can work with you as a team in an environment where we can create brighter, healthier smiles that will last a lifetime.
We realize that the key to a successful outcome is to understand our patient’s identity. The shape, colour and size of each tooth should all seamlessly blend in to create natural looking facial aesthetics. Our technologically advanced dental studios are located on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, in an ideal location where we can help you design your best smile.
It’s time to get the smile you have always wanted. Take advantage of our complimentary orthodontic consultations where we will sit with you and guide you through all your treatment options.

Problems Caused By Your Misaligned Teeth And Jaw

It is difficult to clean and maintain crooked, damaged, or misaligned teeth. If your teeth are in the correct position, you will find it easier to maintain your oral hygiene. It limits the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Your misaligned teeth may put extra stress on chewing muscles and lead to other problems like headaches, shoulder and back pain.

Timely orthodontic treatment can provide protection from the following oral issues:

  • Cracked and chipped teeth
  • Hyper tooth sensitivity
  • Overcrowding or shifting of teeth
  • Jaw pain, jaw deterioration, headache, popping, clicking
  • Uneven dental wear and tear
  • Bone loss, gum recession or any other periodontal disease
  • Trouble in chewing abilities, eating and speaking
  • Teeth appearance causing embarrassment or lack of self-confidence

Why You Need a Dentist with Orthodontic Experience?

We conduct a close examination of your mouth to confirm if you need orthodontics. We use the latest diagnostic tools, x-rays, and photographs to examine and tailor the best solutions that suit your requirements and budget.

If you are experiencing a problem because of the following dental worries, orthodontic may provide an ideal solution for you:

  • Open bite is the dental issue associated with the space between the biting surfaces of the side and front teeth when the back teeth bite together.
  • Overbite is also called buck teeth. This condition arises when your upper front teeth lie very far forward over the lower teeth.
  • Underbite is also called a bulldog appearance. It happens when your upper teeth are too far back, and lower teeth are too far forward.
  • Crossbite is the dental issue that arises when the upper teeth in your mouth do not come down in front of the lower set of teeth while biting together normally
  • Spacings are the spaces or gaps between the teeth that have resulted from missing teeth.
  • Misplaced midline occurs when the centre of the upper front teeth does not line up with the centre of the lower front teeth
  • Crowding is the condition that appears when there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate correctly.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our outstanding orthodontics means much more than just a straight tooth. We use a wide range of appliances that impact the growth of your jaws by moving your teeth slowly and retraining your gum muscles. Our fixed and removable devices will apply gentle pressure on your teeth and jaw muscles to solve the issue.

If you ask us what the best thing is about our approach, the answer is simple – it’s personal. We design a personalised treatment option specifically for you. We provide kids orthodontics to solve the dental worries of your growing kids. Some of the facets of our treatment that make us the best choice for your needs are:

Faster Appointments
We value your precious time. Hence, we promise faster appointments with our dentist Melbourne with minimum waiting.

Fewer Visits
We provide more time to get on with your daily task with fewer visits. We use a combination of advanced technology, experience, and skills to make the most accurate diagnosis and provide the exact solution.

Transparent And Flexible Payment
We provide a transparent and flexible payment option to make our orthodontic treatment manageable for you in Melbourne CBD area.

Find A Way Attitude
We are experts in finding the best orthodontic treatment plan that works for you regardless of how complex your problem may be. Our precise work helps to achieve outstanding results that last.

We Offer Finance Options For Affordable Orthodontic Care

Achieve your dream smile with affordable orthodontic care in Melbourne through our interest-free payment plans, offering metal, ceramic, Invisalign, lingual, and self-ligating braces options.

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*Our comprehensive ebook covers everything you need to know about the Invisalign procedure. Get Your Free copy Today.

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FAQ’S About Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a popular solution for permanently transforming the look of your teeth. Get the straight, structured set of teeth you’ve always dreamt of when you choose one of our many orthodontic options at The Smile Designer.To help you understand orthodontics a little more, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions. For more information on our orthodontic services in Melbourne, contact us today on (03) 9034 5949.

How does orthodontics work?

Different orthodontic options work in different ways. At The Smile Designer, we specialise in braces and Invisalign. Invisalign involves creating and implementing a set of clear aligners to straighten your teeth. They are custom-made to fit your teeth and doesn’t involve any wires and brackets. It’s a pain-free, easy to handle option. Alternatively, if Invisalign doesn’t work for you, then we also offer traditional braces which are made of stainless steel. The small metal brackets are fitted and attached to the front of your teeth to help straighten them out. We also specialise in kid’s orthodontics for growing children who are struggling with their teeth. For more information, contact us today.

How much does orthodontics cost?

The price of orthodontics will depend on which option you’re choosing when it comes to straightening your teeth. If you opt for traditional braces, the average price may vary between $6500 up to $8500. However, prices may be reduced or increased depending on individual cases. Alternatively, choosing Invisalign means the average cost could range between $3,000 to $9,000 depending on the difficulty of the case and the options chosen. At The Smile Designer, we’re committed to keeping our prices low so that everyone has access to professional and reliable dental health care. For more information on our prices, contact us today.

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Why Choose The Smile Designer

We have helped numerous people in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs with our high-quality care and superior service to achieve optimal results. Our dentists take great pride in not only restoring your smile and keeping it healthy, but also educating our patients about their oral health. It is important to us that we create the best foundation in ensuring our patients have full clarity and transparency in understanding their treatment plans.We have invested in state of the art technology to provide you with quality and peace of mind. Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular. Ultimately who doesn’t want a smile that shines with confidence? Being at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry, we combine advanced technology, an artistic eye with extensive experience alongside ethical practice to ensure you are in the most capable and experienced hands. When you choose the Smile Designer, our dental clinic offers renowned dentistry because of the following:



At our dental studio, we are dedicated to providing a superior experience to every patient. We value our patients as if they were part of our own community, and we believe this is evident in the authentic feedback we receive.

AdrAdr ★★★★★ Gareth is incredible! By far the MOST attention to detail I’ve ever experienced from a dentist. He asked plenty of discovery questions to truly understand what I wanted to achieve and consistently checks for feedback. I felt so comfortable being really specific and picky about what I wanted done. ALSO the entire reception/admin team are so kind and welcoming.Isabelle H.Isabelle H. ★★★★★ So incredibly happy with my results with Dr Madeleine Duff, she was able to give me my dream smile with Invisalign and composite bonding within 12 months! And Maggie at the reception desk is always so welcoming and lovely to chat to, well worth the drive from Doreen.Anne N.Anne N. ★★★★★ I had the pleasure of having my teeth checked and cleaned by Dr Nathan Tran today.I was a little apprehensive at first since some cleans can be too hard (which feel very uncomfortable/painful), and others not hard enough (leaving me feel like I need another clean).Dr Tran took his time, and made sure that I was comfortable throughout. He showed me photos of my teeth before and after the clean - wow, what a difference! He also pointed out areas where he thinks I can strengthen/protect existing teeth to prevent potential cracking/decay (due to age) and possibly tooth removal. This has happened to me before so I was very grateful for his advice.The whole experience was easy and effortless, and I came away feeling reassured and positive about what I can do to keep my teeth clean and healthy.I highly recommend anyone who cares about their teeth as much as I do to go and see Dr Tran!Hayley F.Hayley F. ★★★★★ Just wanted to share my amazing experience with Dr. Gareth. From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Gareth's professionalism and expertise really stood out. He took the time to explain everything clearly and made me feel at ease throughout my visit and my Invisalign journey. The quality of care I received was exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with the results of my dental work. The clinic itself was clean and the staff were super helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Gareth to anyone in need of a skilled and caring dentist. Thanks, Dr. Gareth, for providing such excellent dental care!Tracey L.Tracey L. ★★★★★ So grateful for Dr Gareth's expertise in repairing a large broken amalgam filling. It needed to be replaced with a crown. Lot of care and attention in this extensive appt.Grateful that nurse Chelsea was able to assist me for urgent appt, to be attended to promptly on a Monday morning and extremely happy crown is made on sites and fitted in 1 appt.Recommend highly.Katherine B.Katherine B. ★★★★★ Dr Dev and the entire team took immaculate care of me from start to finish. Due to part of my jaw missing, I have spent over a decade just coping with worsening jaw clicking and headaches. During the initial consult, Dev outlined all costs, treatments and expectations and immediately scanned me for a splint to wear. Absolutely everything was looked after and explained so clearly. All stress or hesitance connected with dentist visits(both personal and financial) was alleviated by them. I also loved the personalised welcome card projected on screen. I felt like an absolute princess. I cannot recommend the experience enough!Mrs W.Mrs W. ★★★★★ We were travelling and had a small 'emergency'. We walked in this morning and we were seen after filling in paperwork. We could not ask for nicer, sweeter, more comforting people all round. My 10year old can rest easier now and enjoy her time away. I wish we lived closer! Thank you so very much, I'm so very grateful.Vickie N.Vickie N. ★★★★★ Dr Nathan works dental magic! his expertise and attention to detail is fantastic . from the warm welcome to the flawless restoration process of my implant, every step was outstanding. He listened to my concerns, explained everything thoroughly, and ensured my comfort throughout. My my implant crown looks incredibly natural Dr. Nathan even followed up afterward. For excellent dental care, I highly recommend Dr. Nathan !Vee T.Vee T. ★★★★★ Today I had a wonderful experience at my appointment with Dr Gareth. I have been to the dentist many times in my life but still get those nerves going into any appointment. The second I walked in I was greeted by a lovely young lady who was so friendly and welcoming. My time with Dr Gareth was no different and he put me at ease quite quickly and answered all my questions with lots of information and care. Because of this I have decided to take further dental care with The Smile Designer. My experience with Mia after my appointment was warm, engaging, caring and most importantly very informative. Thank you to the team there and I very much look forward to my journey with Dr Gareth and for all my dental needs.ViPeckham F.Peckham F. ★★★★★ I have seen Dr Gareth several now and always have received fantastic care. He is very detailed in his approach but won't do any treatment that is not needed, just to charge you. Most recent visit to have my tooth taken out. He knew I had bad experienece with another dentist prior to this, and made sure he was gentle, but at the same time did an amazing (and fast) extraction, talking to me the whole time. Subsequent care was excellent as well, with follow up calls. I would highly recommend the whole practice, and especially Dr Gareth.Jenny Y.Jenny Y. ★★★★★ Dr. Gareth Huang's dental care exceeded expectations during my recent visit to The Smile Designer. His meticulous approach and genuine concern for patient comfort stood out. The clinic's cleanliness and the staff's professionalism further enhanced the experience. I highly recommend Dr. Huang for his exceptional dental care.Elizabeth K.Elizabeth K. ★★★★★ The team at smile designer are so lovely! I had a clean and check up with Dr Nathan and he was super informative and honest with what I required and thorough in explanation throughout!If your looking for a dentist, look no further 🫶🏼Hayley JHayley J ★★★★★ Great experience. Receptionist were friendly and welcoming. I saw Dr.Nathan, and he was excellent. I often feel anxious before/during dental appointments, but Dr. Nathan was great. Most comfortable I've ever felt at a dentist.js_loader
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