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Get Whiter & Brighter Teeth with Long Lasting Results!

If you have yellow, dull, discoloured teeth and want to improve the appearance of your smile, then our one-hour teeth whitening procedure with our team at The Smile Designer Dental Studio in Melbourne is all you may need to bring the sparkle back to your smile.

Using the innovative Phillips ZOOM teeth whitening system, combined with the SDI Pola Office Kits that are extremely popular in today’s cosmetic industry.

The key to a successful outcome is to understand our patient’s identity. The shape, colour and size of each tooth should all seamlessly blend in to create natural looking facial aesthetics.

Our technologically advanced dental studio is located on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, in an ideal location where we can help you design your best smile.

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Teeth Whitening Cost Melbourne

Do you see discolouration or stains on your teeth and feel less confident in your social interactions?

Do you want professional, safe teeth whitening in Melbourne to restore your brighter smile?

Welcome to The Smile Designer – the destination for advanced cosmetic and general dental procedures in Melbourne.

We are a team of highly experienced cosmetic and general dentists who are focused on creating magical smiles through safe procedures.

At The Smile Designer, we do not only help you to bring back your whiter smile but we’ll also address the factors that lead to stains and discolouration through dental procedures and hygienic tips.

The Reasons For Teeth Discolouration Or Staining

It is good to know the common reasons for teeth discolouration and staining. It can help you to avoid future discolouration and stains and improve your oral health.

  • Certain foods and beverages like red wine, tea, coffee, and some fruits and vegetables can stain your teeth.
  • The use of tobacco, including chewing tobacco and smoking, can discolour your teeth.
  • Lack of or inadequate brushing and flossing can also contribute to the colour of your teeth.
  • Certain trauma or illness can lead to discolouration of teeth. Treatment procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation are also some of the major reasons for teeth discolouration.
  • Some antibiotics and mouthwashes that contain cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine can stain your teeth. Certain drugs for high blood pressure and antipsychotic medications also make your teeth discoloured.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne

The Smile Designer team will apply whitening gel to your teeth. The strength of whitening gel used can only be accessed by your dentist. Your gel will be activated by our ZOOM light.

This blue light is placed over your teeth for a few sessions, while you watch a movie or listen to music. Teeth will be visibly whiter in less than one hour with our Phillip ZOOM in chair whitening treatment!

We are the destination for best teeth whitening services in Melbourne and offer the procedure at our clinic under the supervision of our experienced dentists.The procedure is completed in less than an hour and provides you with immediate whitening results.

Before beginning the procedure, we will conduct a dental examination to identify any oral issues and learn more about your oral health. If there are any oral issues, we will provide you with comprehensive treatment procedures before whitening.

Our dentists will place a rubber shield through the teeth to cover and protect your gums from the exposure of bleaching gel. We will then apply the bleaching gel onto your teeth surface and use a Zoom LED light to activate the bleaching agent. The activated gel will remove the stains from your teeth and regain the original colour.

Based on the level of discolouration of your teeth, we may apply the gel for a second time and help you to achieve the desired whitening results. Since the whitening is completed under the supervision of our dentists, you get more accurate and significant results based on your expectations.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Melbourne

The Smile Designer Dentists will have you fitted for take-home whitening mouth trays. Impressions will be taken of our upper and lower teeth for the mouth trays to be made up. This will be included in the kit with your whitening gel to get your teeth shining white at the comfort of your own home. The custom fitting mouth-trays are yours to keep, and more gel can be provided whenever you are running low.

At-home whitening is the choice for people who prefer to perform the procedure in the comfort of their own home. You can choose this option if you favour slow, steady whitening results.

We will provide you with an at-home teeth whitening kit after examining your teeth and oral health. If you have any dental issues or impending oral conditions, we will provide you with treatment for the same before giving you the at-home whitening kit. We will also explain the procedure to you on how to whiten your teeth using the teeth whitening kit.

Your teeth-whitening kit will have custom-made whitening trays and bleaching gel. We suggest you brush the teeth before beginning and after completing the procedure to make the whitening more effective.

Apply the bleaching gel into the whitening trays and place them on your teeth. If there is any excess gel, wipe it out with cotton and ensure that your gums do not have any direct contact with the gel. Keep the trays fixed on your teeth for around 30 to 45 minutes – our dentists will advise you on the time period.

Then, remove the trays, wash your mouth and trays, and repeat this process every day until you get the right results. In most cases, you can get excellent whitening results in two weeks.

If you are worried about teeth whitening costs in Melbourne, this is a good choice for affordable teeth whitening.

Free Cosmetic Consultations

It is always ideal that you maintain the health of your gums and teeth prior to whitening them.

There may be underlying problems that may affect the results of our whitening treatment, or cause more damage to your existing gums and teeth.

We advise that you either come in for your Check up & Clean appointment first OR book in for a free cosmetic consultation where we will guide you through your options prior to starting any treatment.

Watch our Zoom Whitening In Action


Zoom In Chair Whitening

Tips To Ensure Long-Lasting Whitening Results

Our teeth whitening can provide good whitening results for two yearsquite some time. However, with excellent care, you can ensure whiter teeth for a long time, together with routine maintenance and top up’s. The following tips and hygiene measures can help you to maximise the duration of whitening results:Stop the use of tobacco products and quit smoking.Minimise the use of consumption of tea, coffee, and other teeth-staining foods and drinks.Try to brush after every meal – especially the meals that contain staining foods. If that doesn’t work, then rinse your mouth with plenty of water.Reduce the consumption of sugary foods and choose a diet plan with plenty of calcium to prevent discolouration due to enamel erosion.Make regular dental visits and get professional dental cleaning at regular intervals.







What’s IncludedOur Phillips ZOOM In-Chair Whitening procedure.Check Up & Clean Appointment should be made prior to any whitening procedures, or come in for a Free Cosmetic Consultation to review your suitability for whitening*A Non-Refundable Deposit of $150 is required to secure your appointment

What’s IncludedCustomised trays with a Pola Office Whitening KitCheck Up & Clean Appointment should be made prior to any whitening procedures, or come in for a Free Cosmetic Consultation to review your suitability for whitening*A Non-Refundable Deposit of $150 is required to secure your appointment

What’s IncludedIncludes take home kitValued at $900Check Up & Clean Appointment should be made prior to any whitening procedures, or come in for a Free Cosmetic Consultation to review your suitability for whitening*A Non-Refundable Deposit of $150 is required to secure your appointment



What’s IncludedOur Phillips ZOOM In-Chair Whitening procedure



What’s IncludedCustomised trays and casesWhitening solution to brighten your smile.



What’s IncludedIncludes take home kitValued at $900Check Up & Clean Appointment should be made prior to any whitening procedures, or come in for a Free Cosmetic Consultation to review your suitability for whitening*A Non-Refundable Deposit of $150 is required to secure your appointment

FAQ’S About Teeth Whitening

How do we use the Take Home Kits?

Take Home Whitening Kits are customised to fit your existing teeth. The whitening solution that is provided to you is meant to sit in your tray for a period of time. The amount of time spent whitening at home will depend on the whitening gel that we provide to you, and this is based on your own individual dental circumstances. You will get noticeably whiter and brighter teeth after just a few sessions. We advise that the take home whitening kits be used for a minimum of 2 weeks to see the optimal results.

How long does my whitening treatment last for?

Everyone’s dental situation is different. Depending on your existing dental condition, we expect your new smile to last a few months. Having red wine, drinking coffee and certain habits like smoking all contribute to how long your whitening lasts. Having a Take Home Whitening kit allows you to maintain that bright new smile with ongoing whitening sessions at home.

Does Whitening damage teeth?

This is a very common question, and the answer is no, whitening does not damage teeth. Teeth are made of a very strong enamel layer. However, sensitivity is a very common side effect of whitening, and can be managed with certain products that we will recommend.

What causes our teeth to become yellow?

There are a number of reasons why your teeth become dull and lose their bright sparkle. Certain foods can stain your enamel which is the outer layer of our teeth. Additionally, irregular visits to your dentist can cause plaque and calculus to build up around your teeth causing them to stain yellow. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally at regular intervals can reduce this build up, and our team at The Smile Designer recommend whitening your teeth to maintain that smile of yours.

Where is your dental clinic located?

We are located in Melbourne at 118-120 High street, Thornbury. We are on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, close to Bell Street, and just a stones throw away from surrounding suburbs like Northcote, Brunswick, Preston and Heidelberg.

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