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Welcome to The Smile Designer – the comprehensive family dentists of Heidelberg, Melbourne.

Whether you want dental restoration services, a smile makeover, or emergency dentistry Heidelberg, feel free to book an appointment with our Dentists Heidelberg for high-quality, complete solutions. We are a team of qualified general dentists, dentists with orthodontic experience, cosmetic dentists, dental hygienists, and care professionals that give you tailored oral care solutions regardless of your age and the complexity of the issues. We also have a large network of dental orthodontists that we work with.

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    Family Dentist in Heidelberg

    At The Smile Designer, we focus on offering comprehensive dental care solutions that give you optimal oral health and an improved smile. With our family dental treatment services in Heidelberg, we do not only address your current dental issues but identify the triggers of impending issues and provide you with preventive dentistry services.

    You can visit our service pages to learn about each of these services. Do you have any specific questions or thoughts about our dental services? We welcome you to contact us to get the information and answers from our dentists.

    Emergency Dentist Heidelberg

    There are some unforeseen situations where you need immediate family dental care treatment in Heidelberg regardless of the day and the time. A quick emergency dentistry treatment to dental trauma helps patients to stay protected from developing complex dental health conditions and relieve them from the associated pain.

    At The Smile Designer, we offer emergency dental services in Heidelberg to help our patients get immediate dental care. You can get our prioritised treatment services for the following:

    • Oral infection with or without abscess and pain
    • Dental decay or cavity with pain
    • Loss of permanent tooth
    • Accidents that hurt your teeth, gums, and jaws
    • Bleeding from the mouth

    If you are using dental braces or any other devices and they are broken or loosened, you can contact us for quick restoration. We are emergency dentist Heidelberg  beyond regular operational hours and on weekends.

    You can contact us as soon as you experience the need for emergency dental care in Heidelberg  and drive to our clinic to get quick treatment services

    The Destination For All Your Dental Concerns in Heidelberg

    At The Smile Designer, we offer a total smile transformation through our range of orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatment procedures. We begin our procedure with a smile analysis and identify the factors that bring down the appeal of your smile.

    We will create a smile makeover plan that may include a mix of restorative, orthodontic, and cosmetic procedures to give you the best results. With the use of modern technology and smile designing systems, our solutions are accurate, simplified, and provide instant results.

    Book a FREE smile assessment with us today to identify the issues of your smile and see how we can improve it.

    State-Of-The-Art Systems And Tools

    We adopt the latest technologies and systems at The Smile Designer to give quick, simplified treatment solutions. Our diagnosis and treatment delivery are most accurate and provide you with precise results from digital X-rays, CT cone beam X-ray scanners, 3D imaging, soft tissue laser therapy devices, and intra-oral cameras.

    To make the dental appointment booking hassle-free, we have created an online booking form that allows you to book from anywhere, anytime.

    Painless Treatment Solutions

    It’s a fact that most people show some level of dental anxiety or fear regardless of their age. Additionally, complex dental procedures are often painful, and every patient deserves a painless treatment experience.

    At The Smile Designer, we offer sleep dentistry solutions to help patients manage the pain associated with the procedure and their dental phobias. We also have created a calm, healing environment at our clinic to minimise the stress associated with clinical environments. Discuss your dental anxiety with our Heidelberg dentists and see how we can help you to ensure optimal oral health every time with sleep dentistry solutions.

    Affordable Dental Clinic Heidelberg

    We have priced all our dental services at affordable rates to give a high-value service experience to all our Heidelberg patients. We also offer special offers and discount programs from time to time to help our patients get more affordable dental services in Heidelberg. Additionally, The Smile Designer is the preferred provider of the major health providers of Australia.

    We have also partnered with some of the leading health finance providers of the industry to offer monthly, interest-free plans to make our dental services more flexible to our patients. Call us today to learn more about the options.

    Caring, Friendly Treatment Experience

    At The Smile Designer, we want to form a long-term relationship with all our patients and are focused on providing a seamless, friendly, professional, and caring treatment experience to all.

    We will communicate the treatment plan, expected outcome, complexities in regards to the procedure, and the cost to our patients in advance for transparent service experience. Our dentists, care professionals, and supporting staff are trained to give you a warm, welcoming experience.

    They will provide answers and information to all your questions and guide you to the right treatment solutions based on your expectations.

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    We offer family dental services like general dentistry , kids dentistry, emergency dentistry, & cosmetic dentistry in one place. Call us today on (03) 9034 5949 or use our contact form to book an appointment of our professional dentist Heidelberg.


    Invasive procedures may not give the intended results due to complexities associated with them. We request that you check with an independent health practitioner before choosing surgical or invasive procedures.


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