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At The Smile Designer Dental Studio in Melbourne, we are here to help you through any urgent dental needs. Our experienced dentists will attend to your dental emergency as soon as possible.

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Do you have a Toothache or Pain from a tooth?

Having a toothache is never a pleasant experience. You may be getting sensitivity to hot or cold, a sharp shooting pain or a mild dull ache. The pain could have started overnight, or it could have been lingering around for quite some time progressively getting worse. Regardless, the best thing to do is attend to the underlying problem. Our team at The Smile Designer will help alleviate your dental fear and anxiety in our calm and soothing environment. Our aim to give you your options, explain any costs and payment solutions, and more importantly- get you out of pain.

Is your tooth or existing filling Cracked, Chipped or Broken?

Both your natural tooth and existing fillings are prone to chipping and cracking. It is recommended that you see a dentist as soon as this happens, to prevent further damage to your tooth. If left without treatment for an extended period of time, this can lead root canal treatments or even the loss of your tooth.Teeth can chip due to habits such as grinding and clenching, having pre-existing cavities that weaken the tooth or heavy forces on the tooth such as biting tooth hard or dental trauma.Contact us and speak to one of The Smile Designer team members to see how we can help you.

Did your tooth get Knocked out or injured?

A tooth can get easily knocked out or traumatised in a number of situations. Sporting groups are making tougher rules in regulating the use of Mouthguards to limit and decrease the number of dental accidents that are happening in the playing field around Melbourne’s sports grounds.Acting quickly when a tooth is lost is very important.

  • If a tooth is avulsed, or is knocked out, store it in milk or saline without touching the root surface. If it is an adult tooth, and if possible, placing the tooth back in its socket is ideal – making sure you have placed the tooth back in the right position. Contact one of our emergency dentists at The Smile Designer in Thornbury, who will attend to your urgent care as soon as possible.
  • If the tooth is chipped, cracked or broken, store the broken pieces in milk or saline, and contact us immediately

FAQ’S About Emergency Dentistry

How to ease Dental Pain?

Contact us at The Smile Designer and one of our dentists will help diagnose and treat your dental emergency.

In the meantime:-

  • Painkillers such as neurofen or panadol can ease your dental pain. Speak to your pharmacist and follow the instructions on the box
  • If there is swelling, apply ice, and attend your dental clinic as soon as possible. If the swelling is getting worse, contact your local doctor or hospital as soon as possible (if getting to the dentist is not possible)
  • Gargling with salt water can help reduce swelling and bacteria

Other common dental emergency include:-

  • Pain from an infected or impacted wisdom tooth (link to wisdom tooth page)
  • Nerve pain that requires emergency root canal treatment (link to root canal page)
  • Jaw Pain or TMJ Problems (link to TMJ section)
  • Swollen gums or periodontal problems (link to Gum Treatment page)
  • Urgent Cosmetic Treatment (link to Cosmetic Dentistry page)
Where is your Dental Clinic Located?

We are located in Melbourne at 118-120 High street, Thornbury. We are on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, close to Bell Street, and just a stones throw away from surrounding suburbs like Northcote, Brunswick, Preston and Heidelberg.

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