Digital Smile Design Melbourne

Digital Dentistry is the way of the future.

The Smile Designer Dental Studio is at forefront of cosmetic dentistry. It allows patients to interact and design their smiles. Up until recently, the limitations of dental technology has held back the dream of achieving excellence. This dream is now reality at our Melbourne based practice, as we are starting to design better smiles that patients love.

Veneer Design Melbourne

The DSD Concept

Creating a platform where we can better communicate with our patients,involving them in the process of designing their new smile, and also fulfilling our commitment to replicating this design accurately.

  • Test Drive your Smile
  • Visualize your goals
  • Peace of Mind
  • Personalized Treatment Plans

Some of our clients just need minor smile enhancements, and for others, a total smile makeover. Options like dental veneers, composite bonding, implants, teeth whitening or Orthodontics and Invisalign can all be discussed in our warm and relaxing studios.

Creating Successful Outcomes

We realize that the key to a successful outcome is to understand our patient’s identity.

  • Creating Natural Aesthetics
  • Facial Harmony & Balance
  • Enhancing both Appearance & Personality

The shape, colour and size of each tooth should all seamlessly blend in to create natural looking facial aesthetics. Our technologically advanced dental studios are located on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, in an ideal location where we can help you design your best smile.

Designing Smiles Melbourne

Let’s Get Started

We want to turn your dreams into reality. Visit us where we will guide you through the steps, which involves:

  • Your Full Dental Examination
  • Getting the foundation healthy
  • Photos and Videos of your Smile
  • Scanning & Creating a Virtual Mock up of your smile
  • And finally, transferring the vision into reality

There is only one way to find out, and visit us for your complimentary Cosmetic Consultation where we will help guide you into the right direction.



A series of photos and videos are taken, together with any necessary dental imaging x-rays and dental moulds. This information is then entered into our Digital Smile Design software to help give us examples of what can be achieved.

This smile design will be analysed together with our team of technicians and master ceramists, who will then guide us through achieving your ideal smile.

A simulated mock up can be created so we can visualise the end result, making any adjustments to the shape, position and contours of the new designer smile. We are then ready to approve and start the treatment process.

Everyone’s treatment needs are different. Depending on what we are presented with clinically, each individual patient will go through a different process to achieve their ideal smile. Once we have gathered all the necessary information, our team at The Smile Designer will walk you through each step.

The way forwards is digital. Utilising the latest in technological advances and being at the forefront of dentistry, we are able to capture and visualise your ideal dream smile in 3-D. We are now not just looking at teeth, but instead, looking at how your smile complements the rest of your face. It has never been more predictable creating that perfect smile!

To get a free Digital Smile Design consultation, contact us at The Smile Designer Dental Studio.

Every individual is different, with different treatment goals and processes. At your initial consultation, we will walk you through your smile design process, give you costs and options, as well as work out payment options that suit your needs

We are located in Melbourne at 118-120 High street, Thornbury. We are on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, close to Bell Street, and just a stones throw away from surrounding suburbs like Northcote, Brunswick, Preston and Heidelberg.


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