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A gummy smile is basically excess gum that show when we smile. However, it is all a matter of perception. Each individual is different, each with our own unique characteristics. For some, a gummy smile can be embarrassing, and at The Smile Designer Dental Studio, our aim is to guide you through some of the options available to reduce this gummy smile.

Here at our Melbourne dental studio, we realize that the key to a successful outcome is to understand our patient’s identity. The shape, colour and size of each tooth should all seamlessly blend in to create natural looking facial aesthetics. Our technologically advanced dental studio is located on the border of Thornbury and South Preston, in an ideal location where we can help you design your best smile.

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What causes a Gummy Smile?

Tooth Problems

  • Over time, and with habits like grinding and clenching, we can wear down our teeth. This causes the downward movement of the teeth as they try to maintain their bite, and brining the gums down with it in the process

Gum Problems

  • Some people have a lot of good tooth hiding under the excess gum. This is a developmental problem and occurs during growth
  • Others have excess gum because of mouth breathing, certain medications and also poor oral hygiene

Lip Problems

  • Lips play a big role in the amount of gum that we show when we smile. Some people have a very thin upper lip, while everything else remains in position. This can give the effect of a gummy smile. Some lip muscles are very active, and this hyper mobility can cause the lips to lift up exposing all the excess gum

Jaw Problems

  • A ‘long face’, where the upper jaw is longer than normal, will give the effect of a gummy smile. This vertical discrepancy normally shows an even amount of gum both in the front and the back teeth, and is sometimes the most complicated to treat.

What are the Treatments for a Gummy Smile?

Gummy Smiles are normally a combination of problems, and as such, a combination of treatment options can be utilised together. Other Cosmetic treatments such as Porcelain Veneers or Orthodontic Treatment are done in conjunction with these treatments to create that perfect smile you have always dreamed of.

If you have a gummy smile and would like to learn more, then contact us for your cosmetic consultation. We are here to help guide you through each step of the way.

Gum Re-contouring

  • This is a technique where small amounts of gum are removed exposing natural healthy tooth underneath it. This is a minor surgical technique and at The Smile Designer we utilise dental lasers to aid in this technique.

Muscle Relaxants and Facial Injections

  • Muscle relaxant or facial injections can freeze or temporarily paralyse the muscles of the lip that causes the hyper mobility. It is a quick and simple procedure but will require regular maintenance and top up appointments.

Crown Lengthening

  • When there is an excess of bone as well as gum causing the gummy smile, then this excess bone will need to be removed, in order for the gums to heal back to allow the normal proportions of the tooth to be revealed.

Lip or Jaw Surgery

  • Jaw surgery such as Orthognathic surgery is done normally in conjuction with orthodontic treatment. This is where the upper jaw and sometimes both jaws are surgically adjusted to its ideal position.
  • Lip surgery is done by plastic surgeons to restrict or lengthen the upper lip

Orthodontic Treatment

  • Crooked teeth can give the illusion of a gummy smile, especially when the position of the teeth is angled back into your mouth, or if you have a deep bite. Braces or Invisalign are used to correct dental crowding but are also used to change the position, angles and intrude each tooth to its ideal position.

Every individual is different and we would like to invite you into The Smile Designer Dental Studio to learn more.


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We have helped numerous people in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs with our high-quality care and superior service to achieve optimal results. Our dentists take great pride in not only restoring your smile and keeping it healthy, but also educating our patients about their oral health. It is important to us that we create the best foundation in ensuring our patients have full clarity and transparency in understanding their treatment plans.We have invested in state of the art technology to provide you with quality and peace of mind. Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular. Ultimately who doesn’t want a smile that shines with confidence? Being at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry, we combine advanced technology, an artistic eye with extensive experience alongside ethical practice to ensure you are in the most capable and experienced hands. When you choose the Smile Designer, our dental clinic offers renowned dentistry because of the following:



At our dental studio, we are dedicated to providing a superior experience to every patient. We value our patients as if they were part of our own community, and we believe this is evident in the authentic feedback we receive.

Jodie H.Jodie H. ★★★★★ Highly recommend The Smile Designer. I have serious dental anxiety which I explained when I booked my first appointment. They called a few days before I was due to come in to check if there was anything they could do to help me navigate my fear. They really went above and beyond to make me feel safe and comfortable.My experience was so good I have even booked in my next appointment which is HUGE for me.Great staff. Great vibe. 100% recommendAnisha C.Anisha C. ★★★★★ The Smile Designer - Preston provides impeccable dental services. I’ve recently completed an Invisalign treatment with Dr Dev over the course of a year and have no complaints! The process was made extremely easy and accessible for me.Dr Dev listened to my concerns and adapted his treatment plan accordingly, leaving me with perfect results. The team is extremely helpful and professional, I couldn't recommend them enough!Kate R.Kate R. ★★★★★ Cannot recommend this dentist enough! I normally hate going to the dentist - I’ve had a fear since a young age. Since I’ve been visiting the team at Smile Designer, I no longer feel anxious or fearful of my appointments. The team make you feel incredibly safe, comfortable and reassured! So friendly and super lush rooms with big screen TVs to watch Netflix during your treatments. I highly recommend to check The Smile Designer out! You won’t look back!Henrik E.Henrik E. ★★★★★ My daughter`s teeth were straightened by the Smile Designer. She is very happy with the results; we all are. Braces came off after 18 month or so, it didn`t take all too long. Now she is wearing a retainer plastic piece at night only - no problem. She likes going to the clinic now (for cleanups and checks); the staff in Preston is easy going and friendly.Wenjing Z.Wenjing Z. ★★★★★ Dr. Nathan is the best dentist He is incredibly thorough with my treatment plans. After visiting many dental practices, I'm so happy to have found him. He is the first dentist to explain all my dental concerns with patience. Absolutely the best.Zoe S.Zoe S. ★★★★★ I have been coming to the smile designer for a few years. The service is always fantastic. Everyone is friendly. The dentists are very thorough and outline the procedures with pricing on a dental plan. I highly recommend The Smile Designer.AdrAdr ★★★★★ Gareth is incredible! By far the MOST attention to detail I’ve ever experienced from a dentist. He asked plenty of discovery questions to truly understand what I wanted to achieve and consistently checks for feedback. I felt so comfortable being really specific and picky about what I wanted done. ALSO the entire reception/admin team are so kind and welcoming.Isabelle H.Isabelle H. ★★★★★ So incredibly happy with my results with Dr Madeleine Duff, she was able to give me my dream smile with Invisalign and composite bonding within 12 months! And Maggie at the reception desk is always so welcoming and lovely to chat to, well worth the drive from Doreen.Anne N.Anne N. ★★★★★ I had the pleasure of having my teeth checked and cleaned by Dr Nathan Tran today.I was a little apprehensive at first since some cleans can be too hard (which feel very uncomfortable/painful), and others not hard enough (leaving me feel like I need another clean).Dr Tran took his time, and made sure that I was comfortable throughout. He showed me photos of my teeth before and after the clean - wow, what a difference! He also pointed out areas where he thinks I can strengthen/protect existing teeth to prevent potential cracking/decay (due to age) and possibly tooth removal. This has happened to me before so I was very grateful for his advice.The whole experience was easy and effortless, and I came away feeling reassured and positive about what I can do to keep my teeth clean and healthy.I highly recommend anyone who cares about their teeth as much as I do to go and see Dr Tran!Hayley F.Hayley F. ★★★★★ Just wanted to share my amazing experience with Dr. Gareth. From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Gareth's professionalism and expertise really stood out. He took the time to explain everything clearly and made me feel at ease throughout my visit and my Invisalign journey. The quality of care I received was exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with the results of my dental work. The clinic itself was clean and the staff were super helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Gareth to anyone in need of a skilled and caring dentist. Thanks, Dr. Gareth, for providing such excellent dental care!Tracey L.Tracey L. ★★★★★ So grateful for Dr Gareth's expertise in repairing a large broken amalgam filling. It needed to be replaced with a crown. Lot of care and attention in this extensive appt.Grateful that nurse Chelsea was able to assist me for urgent appt, to be attended to promptly on a Monday morning and extremely happy crown is made on sites and fitted in 1 appt.Recommend highly.Katherine B.Katherine B. ★★★★★ Dr Dev and the entire team took immaculate care of me from start to finish. Due to part of my jaw missing, I have spent over a decade just coping with worsening jaw clicking and headaches. During the initial consult, Dev outlined all costs, treatments and expectations and immediately scanned me for a splint to wear. Absolutely everything was looked after and explained so clearly. All stress or hesitance connected with dentist visits(both personal and financial) was alleviated by them. I also loved the personalised welcome card projected on screen. I felt like an absolute princess. I cannot recommend the experience enough!Mrs W.Mrs W. ★★★★★ We were travelling and had a small 'emergency'. We walked in this morning and we were seen after filling in paperwork. We could not ask for nicer, sweeter, more comforting people all round. My 10year old can rest easier now and enjoy her time away. I wish we lived closer! Thank you so very much, I'm so very grateful.Vickie N.Vickie N. ★★★★★ Dr Nathan works dental magic! his expertise and attention to detail is fantastic . from the warm welcome to the flawless restoration process of my implant, every step was outstanding. He listened to my concerns, explained everything thoroughly, and ensured my comfort throughout. My my implant crown looks incredibly natural Dr. Nathan even followed up afterward. For excellent dental care, I highly recommend Dr. Nathan !js_loader
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