Easter Survival Guide for Your Teeth

Easter survival guide for your teeth. With Easter break just around the corner, those delicious Easter eggs tend to get the best of many of us where the willpower may not be the strongest. Easter eggs are often difficult to avoid in many cases, whether it is the supermarket where they are located almost everywhere […]

9 Causes for Wisdom Teeth Removal and What to expect

You are probably already familiar with somebody who has had their wisdom teeth removed. For many, the thought of wisdom teeth removal can seem like a daunting and painful process, especially when you do not know what to expect. But it is usually a very quick and uncomplicated procedure, which in the long run be […]

Has COVID-19 affected your dental health?

The Impact of Covid-19: Dentistry is back on level 1 Finally, dentistry is back to level 1 as advised by the Australian Dental Association. It has been a turbulent year and Covid has put many restrictions on dental operations. But COVID-19 does not reverse tooth decay or make impacted wisdom teeth go away, nor does […]


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