Top 3 Reasons For Having Wisdom Teeth Removed 

Top 3 Reasons For Having Wisdom Teeth Removed 

The need for wisdom teeth removal is an often-misunderstood topic. Certain situations call for this kind of surgery, and understanding what it entails can help you make well-informed decisions about your oral health.

At The Smile Designer in Melbourne, we understand that the idea of going through this procedure can be scary. It’s often a misunderstood standard surgical procedure our dentists and sometimes oral surgeons perform.

To help ease your mind, we will explore the top three reasons for having wisdom teeth removed and how we can help soothe your anxiousness about the procedure.

What’s A Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars most people get in their late teens or early twenties. These molars are found deep in the human mouth, at the rear of the upper and lower jaws.

These are named to sound wise because of the age at which they typically appear – when a person transitions from adolescence to adulthood, theoretically becoming wiser.

Biologically, these molars were helpful to our ancestors who had a different diet, one that was harder and tougher to chew. This diet included raw meat, nuts, roots, and leaves. They provided additional chewing power for these tougher foods.

In contemporary times, with the advent of cooking and food processing, the need for these back molars has dramatically reduced. Many people have jaws that are too small to accommodate these late-arriving molars. This lack of space can lead to various issues such as impaction, pain, and misalignment, often making it necessary to have them removed.

An Awkward Entrance: Impaction & Pain

The first and most prevalent reason for wisdom teeth removal is impaction. Many people lack sufficient jaw space to accommodate a new tooth or four. As a result, they can become impacted or trapped within the jawbone or gums, causing significant discomfort.

Symptoms of impacted molars include:

  • Persistent pain
  • Gum inflammation
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Bad taste
  • Smelly breath

Untreated, impacted back molars can lead to cyst formation, damage to a neighbouring tooth, or even jawbone deterioration. Our dentists and oral surgeons often recommend extraction to alleviate these problems and prevent further complications.

At The Smile Designer, we use the latest imaging technology to identify the early signs of impaction to safeguard your oral health.

Keeping the Peace: Avoiding Crowding & Misalignment

Imagine a crowded bus where everyone’s vying for space. That’s what it’s like when your back molars try to squeeze into an already full mouth. The result? Your other teeth may shift from their places, leading to alignment issues.

Misalignment can cause these back molars to angle towards or away from your other teeth or lean horizontally rather than vertically. This can cause pressure on an adjacent tooth, resulting in pain and potentially disrupting the alignment of the entire dental arch. Read our blog on 9 Causes For Wisdom Teeth Removal And What To Expect.

When your experience this type of misalignment, they are more difficult to clean, increasing the risk of:

Removing the misaligned molars is usually recommended to protect overall dental health and maintain proper tooth alignment.

Waging War Against Infections & Cavities

The third primary reason for extraction is their susceptibility to infections and cavities. Because their positioning is at the back of the mouth, cleaning them thoroughly can be challenging, which, unfortunately, makes them a prime hotspot for bacterial growth.

If oral hygiene is not properly maintained, it can result in the early stages of periodontal disease, commonly known as gingivitis. It’s an infection that affects the gums and bones supporting each tooth.

Also, they are more prone to cavities, especially if they have partially erupted, forming pockets where food and bacteria can accumulate. Those little nooks and crannies are difficult to clean, so extracting wisdom teeth can prevent these oral health complications.

Beating Oral Surgery Anxiety

Undergoing oral surgery, like tooth removal, can be a source of anxiety for many patients. However, our dentists and support staff employ various strategies and techniques to alleviate these concerns and ensure a comfortable, stress-free experience. Here’s a closer look at how to soothe patients during the tooth removal:

  • Pre-surgery consultation: We establish clear and open communication and encourage you to ask us questions, including your concerns.
  • Sedation dentistry: Depending on the complexity of the extraction and the patient’s anxiety level, various forms of sedation or sedation dentistry are available.
  • Comfortable & friendly environment: Our dental clinic’s ambience, soft background music, and friendly staff make our patients feel at ease.
  • Post-Surgery Care: After the procedure, patients are given detailed instructions about pain management, swelling reduction, and proper oral hygiene during the healing process.
  • Emotional Support: We reassure our patients, offer words of comfort, and demonstrate patience and understanding of their worries.

The Insight in Molar Extraction

Removal of these back molars is a standard procedure in Australian dentistry, with many adults undergoing it each year. At The Smile Designer, we make this process as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. We use the latest techniques and equipment while following the highest standards of care.

While saying goodbye to your wisdom teeth might seem like a big step, it is often a preventive measure taken today to avoid more significant problems. Timely removal can save you from future pain and costly corrective procedures, and most importantly, it can safeguard your priceless smile.

Our understanding and procedures around this surgery have come a long way in the evolving world of dentistry. Our expert team at The Smile Designer stays up to date with the latest advancements, ensuring we provide the best care to our clients.

If you’ve been feeling discomfort around your wisdom teeth or want to learn more, we’re here to help. Schedule a visit to our clinic, and let’s discuss preserving your beautiful smile!

While they might be called “wisdom” teeth, the fundamental knowledge lies in understanding their impact on your dental health and making an informed decision about their removal. Trust your smile with The Smile Designer — where wisdom meets design!

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