6 FAQ’s about Dental Implants

Dental Implant Common Questions

With innovative technology in the dental industry, dental Implants procedures have become increasingly popular resolution to replace missing teeth. Unlike dentures and dental bridges which come with their own disadvantages, dental implants have become the forefront option to replacing missing teeth. Our smiles play a big role in our self-esteem, confidence, and the way we display ourselves and having missing teeth can not only affect that, but it can also be detrimental to your oral health overall. Missing teeth/tooth can cause many issues such as chewing difficulties, integrity of your jawbone as bone loss causes surrounding teeth to collapse and this can alter your facial structure, alignment of your bite and missing teeth can affect your speech.

Explaining Tooth Implantation

Dental Implants not only benefit you cosmetically but also has many restorative advantages such as gaining functionality immediately after surgery, the ability to eat your favourite foods eating without any complications and with its durability and longevity dental implants can last a lifetime if taken well care of
Under each tooth is bone which supports the tooth and structure of our jaw. When a tooth is gone, the bone begins to recede and surrounding teeth start to collapse which can alter our facial structure, causing a caved-in look.
However, like any surgery patients often have numerous questions regarding dental implants procedure. In this article we will outline the 6 more frequently common questions patient have about dental implants.


What are dental implants and how do they work?

A dental implant is a prosthesis to a missing tooth. Dental implant comes in three parts: The small screw like titanium, the abutment, and the artificial tooth. It a small piece of titanium that resembles a screw that is inserted into the jawbone where the root of the missing tooth was. It is to this titanium screw like anchor that a single artificial tooth(a crown) is attached and fixed onto. A dental implant is customized to your own unique mouth, once the implant has fused with your jawbone the abutment is connected to the implant and then the crown is fixed. Therefore, a dental implant generally had a waiting period after having your implant placed before anything is attached to it. Although in some circumstance, artificial teeth can be fixed on the same day. At The Smile Designer we provide a number of different dental implant options to suit your needs, whether it is a singular, partial, or total tooth loss.


Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Anybody who has missing teeth. It may be that you have one tooth missing, multiple teeth or just all and if that is the case then you may be a good candidate for a dental implant. Although other considerations do need to be taken into account when looking at getting dental implants, this includes your medical and oral history for every individual as every case is unique. At The Smile Designer your oral health will be thoroughly examined and ensure that treatments fulfill your best interest. To be an ideal candidate we want to ensure that you do not have any periodontal gym disease and have good gym health, poor gum health can increase the risk of implant failure. Your dentist will also examine and take X-rays to ensure that you have enough bone denisty and that there has been no bone recession, this is to ensure that a dental implant can be supported when inserted.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants?

 There is a numerous advantage to dental implants. When a tooth is several teeth are lost due to trauma, gum disease or dental decay, dental implants become a great option. Dental implants are a long-term investment, the durability of a dental implant is like your natural teeth, meaning if taken good care of it can last a lifetime. They also provide a good cosmetic outcome and can significantly improve the appearance of your smile. Functionality wise, they will allow you to eat foods you enjoy and restore the ability to chew.However, like anything surgical there are certain disadvantages of dental implants as well. With any procedure there are risks therefore there is a chance that you may run the risk of infection, pain and inflammation. At The Smile Designer patient comfort and care is crucial and we want to ensure every aspect of the procedure is considered including pre and post-operative instructions. Our dentist can discuss with your in detail how to manage dental implants, how to take care of them and how to minimize risk.


What is the success rate of dental implants and do they last?

 Dental implants are unique to every individual. The Success rate of a dental implant can vary from person to person. If taken good care of, dental implants are durable enough and designed to last a lifetime just like your own teeth. In a healthy individual, with good oral hygiene, dental implants have a high 90-95% success rate.


How much do implants cost and does insurance cover the cost?

 The cost of tooth implant service depends on a several factors. This may include:

  • How many teeth need to be replaced.
  • Whether you need bone grafting if there is not enough bone for support
  • Your age and oral health conditions.

The exact cost varies from person to person. Dental implants may seem expensive option but ultimately you want high-quality materials and high-quality work that will last. Typically, the cost of replacing a single tooth with a dental implant is almost the same as replacing it with a regular fixed dental bridge Dental implants are a time-consuming process, and additionally, it requires serious knowledge and expertise to insert dental implants therefore there is an increase in the cost involved depending on your dental surgeon.However, when it is considered in the long-term, it is possible to consider dental implants as a solution to missing teeth without any problem for years. Health insurance policies vary for everyone depending on the type of health insurance and the level of your cover. A portion of your Dental implants may be covered by your health and should consult with your dental surgeon and health insurance for an accurate estimate.


How should you care for your dental implants?

 Dental implants require home care just like your own natural teeth, and this consists of regular brushing twice a day and flossing. It is also important that you continue visiting The Smile Designer for your routine check-up and cleans to stay on top of your oral hygiene. Although implant teeth will never decay it, surrounding teeth and gums may become inflamed and infected.At The Smile Designer we offer dental implant surgery. With great attention to detail and great precision we will ensure to give back your smile with functionality. To discuss whether you are a good candidate and to check your suitability for Dental Implants and any additional questions, feel free to book in for a Free dental Implant consultation at The Smile Designer to speak to our dentist.

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