Avoid These 5 Foods to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Avoid These 5 Foods to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Cultivating good habits from a young age can provide a lifetime of having a strong, radiant smile, so when children learn the significance of oral hygiene from a young age, it lays the foundation for a lifelong commitment to dental hygiene.

Aside from regular brushing, your diet significantly influences your dental hygiene. While many foods fortify and reinforce the tooth enamel, others may accelerate tooth decay and compromise the state of your gums.

Here are five foods and beverages that might not be the best companions for those looking to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Sugary Lollies & Chocolate

  • Impact on Healthy Teeth: Lollies and chocolate, although delicious, are notorious enemies of dental health, especially the sticky and gummy kinds. Their sugary compositions mean they tend to adhere to the tooth enamel, sometimes stubbornly resisting even thorough brushing. As bacteria in our mouths digest this sugar, they release acids as a by-product.
  • Extended Effects: These acids pose a severe threat to our tooth enamel. Prolonged exposure can soften the enamel, making it more susceptible to chipping and wear. As a result of this acid attack, you’re likely to experience cavities. The longer these sugary remnants remain, the higher the risk of severe tooth decay and the need for further dental treatment.
  • Why It Matters: Preserving tooth enamel is paramount for protecting you from tooth decay. As the hardest substance in the human body, tooth enamel’s primary role is to defend against decay. By minimising lolly and chocolate consumption, you significantly reduce the risk of compromising this protective shield.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

  • Impact on Healthy Teeth: The impact of drinking soft drinks is twofold. Firstly, its often high sugar content is a feast for mouth bacteria. Secondly, soft drinks, including the diet variants, are acidic. This acid can quickly begin to erode the tooth enamel.
  • Extended Effects: Continuous exposure to the acids in soft drinks can lead to enamel erosion, making teeth more vulnerable to bacteria. Over time, this can manifest as cavities, sensitivity, and often tooth loss. The colouring in many fizzy drinks also contributes to tooth staining, compromising the aesthetics of one’s smile.
  • Why It Matters: Beyond the immediate oral implications, dental issues can have a ripple effect on overall well-being. Chronic aches, infections, and self-consciousness stemming from discoloured or removal of teeth can affect quality of life.

Citrus Fruits and Juices

  • Impact on Healthy Teeth: While citrus fruit and juice may seem like a safe option with its many benefits for the body, especially for your children, they are acidic. Consuming them frequently or letting them linger in the mouth can subject the tooth enamel to this acid.
  • Extended Effects: Regularly consuming citrus fruits and juices without regular brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist can increase tooth sensitivity. This is due to the thinning of the enamel, which exposes the inner layers. If not adequately cleaned, the sugars in these juices and fruits can lead to decay.
  • Why It Matters: Balance is key. While citrus fruits are valuable holistically, awareness of their dental implications is crucial. Simple measures like rinsing after consumption and brushing your teeth regularly can make a significant difference.

Coffee and Tea

  • Impact on Healthy Teeth: Coffee and tea, particularly when consumed frequently, can lead to staining. This tannin-induced staining often gives teeth a yellowed or brown appearance.
  • Extended Effects: Beyond just staining, coffee and tea can dry out the mouth, reducing saliva production. As a natural disinfectant, saliva plays a pivotal role in maintaining oral hygiene by neutralising acids and washing away food particles. Decreased saliva can make you more prone to tooth decay, requiring dental restorations.
  • Why It Matters: While many rely on their morning caffeine boost, being conscious of its dental effects ensures one can enjoy these beverages without compromising oral hygiene.


  • Impact on Healthy Teeth: Alcohol, particularly in large quantities, can dehydrate the body, reducing saliva production. Saliva is crucial for cleaning the mouth, neutralising harmful acids, and aiding digestion.
  • Extended Effects: Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a persistently dry mouth, a condition conducive to bacterial growth. This increases the risk of gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, both of which can, if untreated, lead to tooth decay and loss.
  • Why It Matters: Responsible consumption and ensuring hydration can counteract some of alcohol’s adverse effects on dental care.

Foods That Benefit Our Teeth

Many foods are beneficial to our smiles and are as delicious as the occasional treats we consume, some of which include the following:

  • Cheese: Raises the pH level in mouths, reducing the risk of tooth decay. It also contains calcium and protein, nutrients that strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Leafy Greens: High in calcium, which is excellent for enamel, and folic acid, which has numerous ongoing benefits.
  • Carrots & Apples: Eating these can increase saliva production, which reduces the risk of cavities. The texture also acts as a natural toothbrush by stimulating the gums.
  • Almonds: Low in sugar and high in calcium and protein.
  • Yogurt: Contains probiotics that benefit gums as they crowd out the harmful bacteria that cause cavities.

Secure a Lifetime of Radiant Smiles Today!

What we eat and drink is instrumental in determining our oral and holistic wellness. While indulgences are a part of life, awareness and moderation, ensure that the health of your teeth and gums isn’t compromised.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to prioritise your oral health. Begin your journey towards impeccable dental health now:

  • Adopt those essential habits.
  • Schedule that overdue dental check-up.
  • Brush and floss regularly.
  • Take charge of your dental future.

Your teeth deserve the best care today for a brighter, healthier smile tomorrow. Contact your friendly dental team at The Smile Designer and make every day a reason to flash those pearly whites confidently!

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