Your Quick Guide to Porcelain Veneers

Guide to Procelain Veneers

Are you considering a smile makeover? Porcelain veneers are becoming an increasingly popular dental treatment option for those who have small, discoloured, chipped, gapped, or slightly crooked teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a thin, porcelain shell (like a fingernail) that are attached to the front of the teeth are a relatively low-impact way to completely transform the appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile.

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Who can get Porcelain Veneers?

Although considered a cosmetic procedure, porcelain veneers can also be used as a restorative treatment. There are many reasons why patients may be unhappy with their smiles and the following are some of the reasons for the need for dental veneers.

  1. The anatomy of their teeth. Teeth are either naturally long, short, or not aesthetically pleasing shape for their smile.
  2. Due to clenching and grinding, wear and tear of teeth causing teeth to be damaged
  3. Cracked and chipped teeth
  4. Gaps and misalignment of teeth
  5. Staining, erosion, or discolouration of enamel. This can be due to a bad diet and excessive smoking.
  6. Wanting a brighter aesthetically pleasing smile.

You should consider both as you weigh your options for veneers compared to other cosmetic dental procedures.

So how do veneers work?

  • Our dentist at The Smile Designer will make the best possible recommendation as to how many individual veneers you need and match their shape and colour to the natural teeth the veneers are surrounded by. Our dental practitioner will likely gently remove a layer of the enamel from the tooth or teeth you want to change.  Usually removing 0.3 – 0.5 millimetres off the surface of the tooth is sufficient to protect the nerve of the tooth and keep it at maximum strength. This creates enough room for the veneer to be placed without any visible excessive overlay or bulking. It will also ensure that your veneers have a long-life span and that there will be little to no issues replacing them if necessary, in the future.
  • After this procedure, your dentist will put on some ‘temporary veneers’ this will avoid any sensitivity and appearance issues. Your dentist will take a wax mock-up of your teeth and in this process, a mold of your teeth is taken. It is this mold of the mock-up that the dentist uses to make your temporaries. The dentist will pour acrylic onto this mold and place it over your teeth. When the dentist removes the mold out of your mouth it leaves behind a perfect copy of the wax mock-up, resulting in the acrylic set of temporary veneers. Your dentist will then organise a second appointment.
  • Your dentist at The Smile Designer during the second sitting will carefully bond the porcelain shell onto your existing teeth that have already been trimmed back, creating that beautiful and flawless smile!

After the procedure, our dentist will explain how to care for your veneers. It is important to understand that as with your natural tooth enamel, porcelain veneers can also fracture over time. If you suffer from excessive grinding and clenching (Bruxism) for example, then excessive wear and tear can cause the porcelain to wear down within a relatively short period of time. Pressure from grinding and clenching is enough to fracture pieces of porcelain. It is important to protect your dental veneers the very same way you would with your very own teeth, with the right mouth guards, bite splints. Unfortunately, porcelain veneers cannot be “patched” with material over the area where they are damaged. If chipped or broken, even if it is partial, the entire veneer will need to be replaced.

Your dentist will recommend that looking after your porcelain veneers is as easy as brushing twice and flossing daily and will probably recommend fluoride-based toothpaste. Just because dental veneers are made from porcelain, does not mean that tooth decay cannot happen. Cavities may also start to develop along the edge of the veneer where it meets your tooth. So, it is important to keep a healthy diet for a healthy smile. In such instances, the veneer would have to be taken off, the cavity treated, and the tooth repaired.

You will need to maintain your veneers and/or eventually replace them since as they are permanently and securely affixed to your natural teeth returning to your completely natural tooth structure will no longer be an option. So, while the process is exceptionally beneficial to the longevity and strength of the veneer, it is irreversible. Taking good care of your porcelain veneers and ensuring you have a healthy diet and good oral hygiene habits will ensure that your porcelain veneers will last. So How long do veneers last? If well cared for, you can generally expect them to last for decades. Taking ongoing care, protection, and maintenance on both your part as well as your regular 6 monthly check up and cleans at The Smile Designer Dental Studio will ensure that your smile shines with longevity.

The Smile Designer Dental Studio can enhance the function of your teeth and help you achieve a confident smile. Book in a free cosmetic smile make over consultation to determine whether Porcelain Veneers is right for you.

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