Invisalign VS Veneers: Which option to choose?

Invisalign vs Veneers: which option to choose?

Often, we get patients coming in worried about the aesthetics of their smile. Whether you are after a straighter smile or wanting to fix small, crooked, discoloured gapped teeth, there are ways to fix it. Both Invisalign and Veneers are the two most popular choices when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

Both options can help improve the appearance of your smile, but which is the right option for you can all depend on everyone’s oral health as well as your smile goals. In this article, we will outline and differentiate between Invisalign and Porcelain Veneers to help you give better clarity on which option may be right for you.


Invisalign vs Veneers: What is the difference?

It is important to recognize what the difference is between these two cosmetic treatments and understand what they can provide and their limitations. Depending on your smile goals and concerns, it will help determine which path to go down to achieve the smile you are proud of.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses clear trays that are transparent and removable. They have become the invisible way to achieve a straighter smile and for these reasons’ clear aligners tend to be favoured by adults as they are discrete. There are a series of customised aligners that are made for each patient based on the 3D scan of their mouth. Each aligner is used for 1-2 weeks before moving onto the next aligner. Each aligner plays a role in moving your teeth to the right position. Invisalign helps correct a range of concerns in the mouth.

  • An overbite: This is where the upper teeth significantly protrude over the lower.
  • An underbite: This is where the lower arch protrudes away from the upper arch.
  • Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Crowding and overlapping of teeth.
  • An open bite: This is where teeth do not meet when the mouth is closed.


What are veneers?

Whether it be composite veneers or porcelain, veneers can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Veneers are an option for changing the appearance of the teeth without having to shift or move their actual position. This procedure is ideal for those with chipped or stained teeth. They can also aid in correcting small misalignments and gaps.Tooth Veneers are customized and handmade. They are thin shells of porcelain/ceramic that overcome both aesthetic and functional issues. Porcelain Veneers are placed over the outer surface of your existing tooth/teeth enhancing the appearance of your teeth and is an effective solution to your cosmetic dentistry concerns. Composite Veneers may be another suitable option in some cases and are a cheaper and effective alternative to porcelain veneers. Composite veneers are a resin affixed to the outer surface of your existing teeth, although they are not as robust as porcelain veneers, they still a suitable option for many to fix any cosmetic concerns in one single visit.


Can you have veneers on your teeth if they are not very straight? 

For teeth with minor (very minor) tipping or rotation, veneers can be used. Your dentist needs to consider that the veneers do not interfere with the opposing bite as this can cause teeth to chip or may cause you to subconsciously grind your teeth. If the tipping or rotation of your current teeth are too severe, and your teeth are very crooked then Invisalign may be needed before getting veneers to enhance the appearance of your smile. A combination of both Invisalign and veneers can be considered a better solution for those who have severely crooked teeth along with discolouration, small and chipped teeth. Whether you require any Orthodontic solution before veneers will all depend on the severity of the misalignment of your teeth as each patient’s case is unique and different. At The Smile Designer, we will guide you and give you a treatment plan with all options to help you achieve your smile goals.


How much does Invisalign cost? 

Every case is unique as well as every patient may have different goals for their smile. Depending on the amount of crowding there is, will depend on the treatment recommended for you. This also means the prices vary depending on the severity of the case. As a general guide Invisalign in Melbourne can range from approximately $3,000-$9,000. For a more accurate quote and a customized treatment plan, it is always best to discuss this with our dentist at The Smile Designer Dental studio will discuss all your options and costs. We also offer flexible payment options.


How much do Veneers cost?

Unfortunately, it is always difficult to give an exact amount figure for veneers as it all depends on the type of veneers and how many veneers are needed to transform your smile. Veneers are not a one size fits all solution and as they are customized in a lab and prices will also vary for each individual case. Depending on each individual, and the number of veneers required, costs can vary from $1800 up to $2500 per tooth. Smile Makeover’s of 6 to 10 teeth can be discussed with our dentist at The Smile Designer on how we can make this more affordable for you.


What is the verdict? Invisalign or Veneers?

In conclusion, if your teeth are very crooked and you also want to improve their shape, length, and colour then a combination of treatments may be required.Alternatively, if your teeth are relatively straight and you are concerned with the cosmetic aspect of how your teeth appear then veneers would be a suitable option to change size, shape, length, and colour.At The Smile Designer Dental Studio, we are at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne’s inner north. We offer various cosmetic dental treatments including porcelain veneers and Invisalign to help create your dream smile. A free smile makeover consultation with one of our dentists can help you learn more about each option to determine what is best suitable for your smile.

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