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There have been plenty of studies that show that your SMILE is the first thing that we notice. First impressions really do last. Even though some may not realise it, facial balance and harmony is a key influential factor.

At The Smile Designer Dental Studio, we offer a range of Cosmetic Dental Solutions to create that perfect smile for you.

Smile makeovers can involve a range of different treatment modalities which include Cosmetic Veneers and Bonding, all the way to Gummy Smile Treatments, Tooth Implants, and teeth straightening options such with Braces or Invisalign.

Teeth Whitening

FAQ’S Whiter Teeth

Our practice also uses the Phillips ZOOM Whitening System.

Patients at our Melbourne Dental Practices have commented on how much they have loved the results of the In-Chair Zoom Whitening system. Combine this with your regular hygiene visit to remove all those pesky stains from our daily coffee and tea habits and the end result is a brighter and whiter smile!

What can we expect during the whitening procedure?

Our Smile Designer team will prepare you for your whitening procedure, which takes about an hour. Barriers are used to protect your gums and skin, and the whitening gel is applied followed by our ZOOM Led whitening light system. A take home whitening kit specifically designed to fit your teeth will be made, which will help you enhance and maintain that sparkle.

How long does the teeth whitening procedure take?

Over a period of an hour, multiple applications of whitening is applied, together with the use of your ZOOM Whitespeed Phillips System.

How effective is teeth whitening?

Compared to over the counter and home remedy solutions, the ZOOM system delivers faster, better results, and can achieve up to 8 shades of whiter teeth! Combine this treatment with your regular hygiene clean visit, teeth whitening can remove stains caused by regular day to day food and drink, as well as discolouration due to medication and ageing.

How much does teeth whitening at your Melbourne Dental Studio cost?

Our In-Chair Phillips ZOOM whitening system is only $695, and INCLUDES your take home kit.

Should I get my teeth cleaned before whitening?

To get optimal results, regular hygiene visits should be maintained. Take advantage of our New Patient Comprehensive initial examination and clean deal to get started today!

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