Over The Counter Vs Professional Teeth Whitening

Over The Counter vs Professional Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re looking to make the right first impression at an interview, you want to gain back your confidence and smile brighter, or you’re simply tired of the dull colour of your teeth, whitening is an effective way and fast way to achieve the look your want. As a steadily growing form of treatment, you’ve likely seen the addition of DIY kits in chemists and supermarkets.

It can be overwhelming when perusing the shelves to choose because they all say the same thing – they promise that the product works quickly, efficiently and affordably. However, are these at-home options the best choice above attending a professional dentist in melbourne? The answer is mixed, so in this article, we’ve compared DIY and professional dental care so you can decide for yourself.


Why Use Whitening Treatment?

Not everyone understands why people choose this type of treatment, especially when they already have a well-cared-for smile. Most people choose this cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne because it helps them feel more confident about showing their full smile in all aspects of their life, for others, it’s a lot more simple and is because of the following:

  • Occasions: Weddings, anniversaries, graduations and special birthdays are why people want their smiles to shine in photographs. 
  • Discolouration: Each tooth naturally change colour as they age from food, drinks and other influences.
  • Interviews: The job market is complex, and people want to look their best. A brighter smile can make you look more confident and energised. 


Over-the-Counter Products

It’s not unusual for people to consider over-the-counter products as what they believe to be an option that’s less expensive and more manageable than taking the time to visit their local dental clinic in Melbourne. There is a range of choices to choose from, all with varying levels of application difficulties.

  1. Whitening Toothpaste

Regular brushing with any toothpaste helps keep your smile looking clean and bright; however, this specific option contains chemicals and other polishing agents that further aid the reduction of stains without using a bleaching agent.

This method can take two to six weeks to show any noticeable difference. However, it won’t create significant changes and cannot manage stains that a deeper than the surface of the tooth. What effect does last only does so for a short amount of time, and stains can return quickly.

  1. Strips of Gels

Strips and gels are peroxide-based products applied directly to the teeth using a thin strip or brush. This treatment is usually applied at least once or twice daily for ten to fourteen days.

Generally, it only brightens the front area, and the back remains the same. You can expect the effect of the results to last for around four months, and the colour change isn’t dramatic.

  1. Peroxide-Based Mouthguards

In the form of a mouthguard, the tray holds the peroxide-based gel that is usually used twice a day for around four weeks at a time. 

The main downfall is that they aren’t made specifically moulded to your mouth, so they can irritate and rub your gums. They are also known to leak. 


Professional Teeth Whitening

When you visit The Smile Designer Dental Studio, you can expect reliable, safer, faster and longer-lasting results from teeth whitening. When this procedure is done in controlled conditions, you also get the benefit of thorough cleaning, and your dentist understands each tooth’s colour, shape and size for natural-looking results.

At our dental studio, you can expect the Phillip Zoom in-chair procedure to be of a higher concentration and longer-lasting than at-home solutions. You can get brighter, whiter results in one hour and are applied over stages depending on your desired shade.

When undergoing the Phillip Zoom treatment, the strength of gel can only be accessed within controlled dental conditions and is activated by the zoom light. The significant aspect of professional teeth whitening is that you will experience a noticeable difference after your first session.


What’s Better: Over-the-Counter or Professional Teeth Whitening?

As dentists, we understand the lure of convenience and over-the-counter promises. However, these quick treatments are not the quality you receive when undergoing professional treatment with a dentist. The only way you can get the strength you need for a whiter, brighter smile is when a professional applies dental-grade products.

When choosing the professional form of treatment, you can expect:

  • Works effectively on deep staining
  • Cost-effective
  • The use of technologically advanced equipment
  • Higher-grade results
  • It lasts years, not weeks or months
  • Less risk

Alternatively, choosing over-the-counter options, you can expect:

  • Less effective
  • More risks
  • Less chance of getting the results you desire
  • Limited options

If over-the-counter products are preferred, most dentists have take-home trays that are fitted specifically to you and are available in a kit. These are options for those who are ok with a slower procedure and enable a more professional at-home option. Compared to kits you buy from a pharmacy or supermarket, these are a far superior choice.


Make Your Smile Brighter With The Smile Designer Studio Melbourne

Regardless of the procedure you are undergoing, the best way to care for any oral concerns is with a qualified dentist. It’s not uncommon for over-the-counter products to look convenient; however, you need more of the product to get anywhere near the desired result, costing you more than the straightforward dental clinic approach.

At The Smile Designer Studio Melbourne, we not only get your teeth to the shade you are looking for, but we also do it safely in controlled conditions. Along with this, we manage any underlying issues that could affect you from getting the most out of transforming the colour of your smile.

We offer our patients our long-lasting treatments or specialised take-home kits so you can maximise the best for your teeth and recommend the best approach to oral care for long-term results.

If you want to know more about how we can help you smile brighter, ask our professional and friendly team more about our approach to professional teeth whitening. We welcome you to contact us or book an appointment online at your convenience. 

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