5 Signs You’re a Candidate for Dental Implants

5 signs you should do dental implants

All-on-4 dental implants are an innovative approach to cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne. Using an advanced technique it’s a procedure that can improve your quality of life by restoring your smile permanently. It’s a revolutionary aspect of dental care and brings new life to oral restoration.Undergoing this procedure gives you a reason to smile and enhances functionality and aesthetics, from the ability to eat better to improved confidence. At The Smile Designer, we believe that everyone deserves to feel assured in themselves and not be embarrassed by their teeth, so we deliver this comprehensive service to our patients because they matter.In the past, most people have only had the option of dentures, which aren’t always well-fitting, bridges, or other less permanent options. When your teeth are fixed in place, you won’t have any more pain and can do things easily.Our patients often ask us whether they are suitable for this form of treatment. While having missing teeth may seem like reason enough, other considerations are at play, and through a proper assessment and discussion, we can determine your suitability. The Most Common Reasons Patients Require Dental ImplantsSince their introduction, dental implants have had a high success rate in the health and well-being of those with oral concerns. While aesthetics certainly plays a massive role in why people undergo this procedure, it is also known to have many other long-term benefits. Whether having one or two implants or undergoing the whole All-On-4 process, each person will get individualised results depending on their suitability. However, many people experience:

  • An improved bite: chewing food is more manageable with an even bite.
  • Gain clearer speech: fewer gaps mean you’re understood more clearly when you speak.
  • Proper jaw positioning: helps restore the jawbone structure and reduces deterioration of the bone.
  • A natural look:  they look like the real thing, so no one has to know you’ve had dental work done.

Patients who choose this procedure like how quickly they can get back to normal and with the aesthetic outcome.Am I a Candidate?Most adults over the age of eighteen who practice good nutrition and well-being are candidates for All-On-4 therapy; however, it’s not recommended that younger people undergo this surgery. It’s rapidly growing as a choice because this form of oral care is more comfortable than dentures; they never come out and are a permanent solution.hBefore we undertake any process, we thoroughly assess your mouth to ensure you’re the right candidate for this surgery. Some of the issues we will be looking for include the following:


Adequate Jaw Bone

Having excellent jaw bone structure is vital for this procedure. Without it, there isn’t adequate support for the screws; however, there is a solution. Candidates without the required jaw structure may require bone grafting before the screws will take. While grafting strengthens the jaw, it does take a few weeks to recover, so there will be a delay in getting your new teeth.


Healthy Gum Tissue

It’s essential that you don’t have any gum disease because it can cause an infection to your dental implants causing them to fail. All is not lost, though, if you suffer in this area. Before undergoing the procedure, our dentists get any gum disease under control, and once you’re clear, the process can begin.


A Strong Immune System

As a general requirement, if you have better general health, undergoing the procedure will be less taxing. This treatment involves anesthesia which means as a candidate, you must undergo a complete well-being check, including a list of all medications you take. Additionally, if you take medications that suppress your immune system, such as steroids or clench your teeth, you may not be suitable for this form of treatment. We always recommend speaking with one of our dentists first.


Commitment to Oral Hygiene

Just as your teeth age better with good oral care, your implants require healthy connective tissue and gums. If you decide this is your preferred choice for new teeth, you need to be committed to:

  • Regular brushing – at least twice daily
  • Daily flossing
  • Avoid sugary foods
  • Avoid smoking
  • Have regular dental checkups.


Non Smoker

There is a greater chance of failure when undergoing this treatment if you smoke, and the body heals considerably slower than when free from nicotine. Most practises will recommend quitting six months before surgery.

Becoming an Ideal Candidate If you don’t quite meet the requirements for the All-On-4 cosmetic dentistry, there are ways to make some changes, so you’re a more suitable candidate. We recommend:

  • Oral health management & treatment

If your oral health is poor and you are experiencing issues such as gum diseases, get this treated first to help care for your teeth and have less chance of the treatment not working.

  • Quit smoking

While it may seem like an arduous task, if you quit smoking, at least until after recovering from the surgical procedure, it will help with the success rate and ongoing oral health.

  • Lack of bone density

If you lack bone density, in some situations, it may be recommended you undergo a bone graft to make room to place theAll-On-4 implants.

Choose The Smile Designer for Customised Care Gone are the days of wearing ill-fitting dentures or hiding the gaps in your mouth. There is no better solution for a treatment plan specifically designed to suit your oral condition than the dentists from The Smile Designer. Our primary focus is on creating a solution that works for you with little downtime and at an affordable price. If you’re tired of being embarrassed by your teeth, you can be confident that we are a trusted team of professionals and will look after your needs. We are skilled at accessing the latest technologies to deliver the best form of treatment and provide solutions at an affordable cost.At The Smile Designer, our team welcomes you to contact us or book online for your initial consultation and begin your journey towards a brighter smile. 

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