5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Smile

5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Smile

Are you not happy with the way your teeth look? This can range from the positioning, the colour, gaps, chips to the shape of your teeth. Factors such as genetics, age and lifestyle can all play a part in how your teeth may appear and change. Cosmetic dentistry addresses the aesthetic needs of an individual. It not only improves the appearance of your smile, but it also plays an important role in restoring optimum dental health and hygiene. There can be several reasons to consider Cosmetic dentistry, below are just a few of them:

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 Aesthetics of an individual’s smile often play a role in their self-confidence. Often people shy away from openly smiling or laughing as they can be self-conscious in how their teeth/smile appear. A smile can boost your mood and is also known to relieve stress. Research has found that when you smile your body releases endorphins which simultaneously boosts one’s mood relieving stress. If an individual is unhappy with how their teeth and smile appear then they are going to be unhappy and can have a significant effect on their self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry consultation is the first step that can help improve and make changes to ones smile and a simple consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist at The Smile Designer Dental Studio can help you achieve the smile you have dreamt of.


Damaged and crooked teeth – Veneers

There are many factors that influence the aesthetics of your teeth. Teeth can chip, crack, or even break. This can be caused by an accident to the mouth, chewing on hard foods, clenching, or grinding your teeth. Lifestyle choices can also impact your teeth’s enamel, such as your diet and smoking which can weaken and erode the enamel. This can therefore make teeth more prone to chipping and breaking.Crooked teeth, or the shape and development of your teeth are sometimes due to genetics. When teeth are crooked it is not permanent it is something that can be addressed and fixed. A cosmetic dentist can help determine whether Dental Veneers Melbourne are required to transform a smile. This can help gain a natural healthy smile whilst solving numerous dental issues.


Gaps in teeth – Bridges

 Missing teeth not only impact one’s self confidence but can also influence the way your teeth and bite change over time. The gaps from the missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to lean into the gap over time and change the way you bite. Bridges can help restore your smile and stop you from feeling self-conscious on how the gaps in your teeth make you feel. Bridges replace and fill the gap from missing teeth, they are attached and supported by the real teeth on either side of the gap that is left behind from the lost tooth. Bridges are permanent and are fixed in place, this is sometimes an alternative to dentures.



 A cosmetic dentist will determine whether implants are the solution for you to improve the aesthetics of your smile. This can range from having just a single tooth replaced to a whole upper and lower arch replacement. A cosmetic dentist will determine whether you are the right candidate for implants. Dental Implants are made up of 3 components; titanium screw fixture which is fixed into the bone, abutment which is a metal attached to screw sitting above the gumline and a crown which sits attached to the top of the abutment. Hence factors such as gum health, adequate structure and bone size are all taken into consideration for dental implants. To receive dental implants, gums must be healthy to support the implant. Gum disease can influence this, but it is easily treated.


Discolouration of teeth

 We have all heard of teeth whitening or have either had it or know somebody who has had it. It has become a highly popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps improve the appearance of your smile. There are many factors that influence the colour of our teeth, lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor dental hygiene, certain foods, and drinks such as red wine and coffee and ageing. Teeth whitening involves brightening and whitening the colour of your teeth which may look dull due to the factors above. It is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure that will improve the appearance and shade of your teeth that will have you showing off your pearly white smile. If this is something that bothers you with the appearance of your smile, then teeth whitening may be the option to consider. If you are considering getting porcelain veneers, implants or teeth whitening in Melbourne, then The Smile Designer Dental Studio team will help you achieve what you are after.

Book in for a free consultation with our cosmetic dentist and visit our several dental treatments before and after photos to get an idea of the results you could achieve. Contact us to discuss the best possible options for you and your dental concerns!

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