Has COVID-19 Affected Your Dental Health?

Has COVID-19

The Impact of Covid-19: Dentistry is back on level 1

Finally, dentistry is back to level 1 as advised by the Australian Dental Association. It has been a turbulent year and Covid has put many restrictions on dental operations. But COVID-19 does not reverse tooth decay or make impacted wisdom teeth go away, nor does it take away your jaw pain from stressful clenching and grinding.

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No doubt this year has been a stressful year for everybody, and you may find yourself highly strung and not sleeping or eating well. Not being able to get into see your dentist for a regular check up may be impacting on your oral health and general wellbeing. There will be lost hygiene, wisdom teeth extractions that have been on hold that need to be extracted and restoration work that needs to be completed.

Now that we are back to level one after our second lockdown, you may be in a situation where you are unable to get in for an appointment at your regular dentist due to the increased months’ worth of backlog. It is also creeping up to the end of the year where your health insurance is coming to an end.

So what does this mean for you?

Do not further delay your dental check-up. Our team at The Smile Designer Dental Studio are here to help! Our number one focus remains on our patient’s oral health and overall wellbeing, ensuring that you are not further delayed in the treatment that you require.

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