Invisalign: What Is Refinement & When Do I Need It?

Invisalign: What Is Refinement & When Do I Need It?

Getting Invisalign braces in Melbourne at The Smile Designer Dental Studio has revolutionised the journey towards straight teeth. Made from medical-grade BPA-free plastic and are called aligners. They are almost invisible and less invasive than traditional wire braces.As a newer and generally more comfortable form of dental care, it is not only a kid’s orthodontic practice, but many adults also treat their smile this way. Patients typically receive new aligners every couple of weeks to help shift teeth gradually. Generally, the process is straightforward, and each tooth moves perfectly into a straighter smile with custom-made trays. However, a small percentage may not move as required, meaning the aligners need refining. Some of the reasons refinement is required:

  • Not wearing aligners as often as required
  • Difficult or slow-moving teeth due to genetics
  • Not replacing lost or broken aligners quick enough
  • Undergoing other dental procedures during this therapy that alter your teeth.


What Are Invisalign Refinements?

It’s critical to understand that Invisalign refinements take place at the end of your treatment and are essentially an additional set of aligners that, upon assessment, are used to “refine” your treatment. Your smile can be unpredictable and require further care to get the result you’ve been working toward. Given that it is less invasive orthodontics, you’re spared the discomfort you may undergo with traditional wire braces. Whatever the reason you require extended time, the extra care will be worth it once you get the desired result. If your dentist at The Smile Designer Dental Studio decides this is the form of action for you, a 3D scan will be taken of your teeth and will be sent to Invisalign for approval, and new aligners will be ordered.You can expect the dental care to be relatively the same as what you have already been receiving, except the process is to “fine-tune.” It’s not unusual for the need to wear these for 22 hours a day, seven days a week for a further three to six months, depending on your individual needs.Just as your initial set-up, the plastic tray is custom-made for your teeth, and you can drink and eat whatever you like. You must still follow the best oral hygiene practices and take care of the trays. Overall, following the dentist’s guidelines will help the process go more smoothly.While patients can refuse the extra time and go against the recommendations specific to their needs, we highly recommend talking to our dentist melbourne team to understand why it has been recommended for them.


Will Refinements Cost Me More?

At The Smile Designer, usually, refinement care is part of the treatment plan. Most plans include tiered therapy for a specific number of refinements, usually at no additional cost. However, for cases that require more than their plan offers, there may be associated costs that our dentists will discuss with their patients.If you require more trays than covered, speak with the team at The Smile Designer because there are a range of options available to finance such situations. 


Does Extended Treatment Mean I have ‘Failed’?

Patients must realise they haven’t ‘failed’ if they are required to wear their trays for longer. It’s not an indication that the treatment went wrong but is more about the unpredictability of teeth. Each individual’s progress will move at its own pace, sometimes faster or slower than expected. However, given we are all different and genetics come into play, progress will vary, just as we develop in other areas of our lives. Extra time for refinement means you’re not entirely done yet but are getting there. 


Getting The Most Out of Simplified Straightening

When you’ve had that little extra time added to get your smile just right by following best practices, you can help the process remain steady by following a few of our best tips:

  1. Soak when eating: Keep your trays clean by soaking them in a denture solution during meal times. This helps you keep them hygienic and refreshed and allows you to eliminate any gunk.
  2. Wear at least 22 hours a day: The best habit to get into is to wear your trays as much as possible, at least 22 hours a day. Fortunately, they are comfortable, and most patients find them comfortable to wear, so taking them out only for meals, drinking, flossing, and brushing is relatively reasonable to achieve.
  3. Carry your case: Having your Invisalign case always on hand is essential. If you want to eat while you’re out, you need to look after your trays properly, so carry that case in a purse, your pocket, in a bag or wherever you can find a spot.
  4. Change Your Trays in The Right Order: Your multiple sets of aligners are designed to address the different issues that exist with your teeth. It is imperative that these be utilised in the proper order; failing to do so may result in the treatment being less effective.


Invisalign Refinements With The Smile Designer Dental Studio Melbourne

Sometimes in life, things don’t go as planned – your trip gets cancelled, you burn the dinner, or your dental treatment needs a little longer than expected. When it comes to needing more time, it’s important to remember it’s not bad; your smile just needs a little more care to right itself.We’ve established that there are many reasons why more time is needed, ranging from genetic factors to not wearing your trays enough. Whatever the reason, the extra time gives you a chance to get the result for which you were looking.While it may feel disheartening not to get the result you want when you were expecting to, we highly recommend that you keep going because you’re so close to your goal.As a popular, less invasive orthodontic treatment, let us help you achieve a stunning smile. Whether you’re new to Invisalign or need refinements, our team welcome you to contact us so we can help you achieve the look you’ve been longing for.

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